Dig It Up – Spring Perennial And Herb Exchanges At Spectrum Generations Coastal and Knox Community CentersCome Ready To Share -  Rain Or Shine

Community Happenings
Jun 13, 2013
10:00 AM

Join Nobleboro resident and gardener Betty Nelson (her specialty is daylilies) at Spectrum Generations Coastal Community Center, 521 Main Street in Damariscotta on June 13 at 10 a.m. for the Center’s Fifth Annual “It’s Spring, Dig It Up Now, Perennial and Herb Swap and Exchange”.  The Center’s Perennial and Herb Swap is your chance to do that much needed spring clean-up in your perennial and herb beds and to share the extra plants which, after a winters rest, need to be divided or thinned out with others in the community. 

The Knox Community Center’s (61 Park Street in Rockland) First Annual Perennial and Herb swap will take place in the Center’s backyard on June 11 at 10 a.m. Donations at the end of area plant sales and from local greenhouses are always appreciated.

Join local plant lovers, novice gardeners and other garden enthusiasts to share the bounty from community members' and landscapers' backyard perennial and herb beds. Water garden plants are welcomed too. Bring plants that are well established and of good size. Please label your contributions and bring along any information about the plant (sun, shade, soil type) to share with the plants new parent or for the Center planters and container gardens.  Plants left over from area garden club and church plant sales are always welcome.

For people who have never been to plant exchange before, here are some tips and suggestions that might help:

v  Dig and divide your plants, and place into pots. The pots needn't be fancy. Milk cartons, cottage cheese containers and yogurt containers work well. Water them well and bring them along.

v  If you have a picture of the plant, it's a handy thing for other gardeners. A perennial reference book can also help in identifying plants.                                

v  Make a sign on poster board of what you have to trade and what plants you're seeking.

v  You can trade out of the back of your car or truck. Just park at the back of the Spectrum Generations Coastal Community Center’s parking lot, 521 Main Street in Damariscotta or the Knox Community Center, 61 Park Street in Rockland and pop open the trunk or tailgate. Some gardeners bring wagons so they can circulate among other traders. 

v  If you're a new gardener and have nothing to trade, don't be discouraged. Come on down! Gardeners are generous folks. You could go home with a trunk full of new plants.  In exchange for your new plants please make a donation of $2 -$6 per plant, depending upon the size (and rarity) of the plant in support of the Center’s programs and activities.

v  If you're a veteran gardener, be generous with the newbies. Give them a few plants and your advice, as well.

v  Please don't bring plants to sell. Just an extra one to plant in each Center’s perennial beds.  Coastal’s garden patches get sun throughout the day. The Knox Center’s gardens have the benefit of partial shade.

v   The most important thing to do at a plant swap is to have fun, make new gardening friends and enjoy the spring weather.

Even if you don’t have anything to share, please stop by as there may be extra plants needing homes. For those who bring a healthy and vibrant perennial or herb, the Center’s Annual Spring Perennial and Herb Swap is free in exchange for planting a sun loving plant (perennial, annual, climbing vegetable or flowering plant, herb) in one of the Coastal Center’s garden patches or a one that likes partial shade for the Knox Center’s gardens. All others, if you wish to take home an extra plant or two, please come, make a $2 - $6 donation per plant in support of the Center’s programmatic initiatives and go home with a new friend or two for your garden. For more information please contact Marianne at 563-1363 or 596-0339 on June 4. This is a rain or shine event so get out into your garden, select, dig up and pot those extra herbs and perennials should inclement weather be predicated. 

 Spectrum Generations is the Central Maine Area Agency on Aging and the Aging and Disability Resource Center.