Denny comes to shelter with big 'purr-sonality'

May 09, 2017

Camden — One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that you’ve helped someone, and last week, we at P.A.W.S. were lucky enough to be able to do just that.

Hard as we try to find homes for every animal that comes through our doors, sometimes a pet’s age, behavior, or health issues makes it impossible. Recently, we reached out to our friends at an animal sanctuary in Milo in hopes that they might take into their care two chronically ill kitties that no one seemed willing to adopt. They said yes, and happily, we were able to return the favor by bringing some of the sanctuary’s adoptable cats to P.A.W.S.

Denny is of one of those cats, and we can’t wait for you to meet him. Denny is ultra-handsome — we think he's a Maine Coon or at least a mix — and he has a purr-sonality to match. He loves attention and will roll on his back, lie on his side, and even execute a flip or two to get you to pat him. He's playful, too. A string, toy mouse, ball, or, frankly, anything small and bat-able will get this youngster going. But although he’s exceptionally happy-go-lucky, we know there is one thing missing in Denny's life: a family to call his own. We're hoping that family might be yours.

Perhaps a bit more of a challenge but just as deserving of a place of her own is Cabela. We’re not sure what kind of dog Cabela is, so for now we’re calling her an all-American shelter dog. We think her true identity will reveal itself once she loses the excess 20 to 30 extra pounds she was carrying when she arrived at the shelter as a stray. Before long, we discovered the cause of all that corpulence — hypothyroidism — and put her on medication to control the condition. In just one week, she's shed 8 pounds and already feels a lot better. We’re confident that in a loving home, with proper care, she’ll soon come into her own as the wonderful dog she truly is. If you’re contemplating Cabela as your new best friend, remember that she's not a big fan of children. She does, however, love smaller animals — cats, bunnies, basically anything she can cuddle with.

if you’re not in a position to adopt but would like to help us care for Denny, Cabela, and the other dogs and cats in our care, please consider donating canned cat food, canned dog food, and/or a bag or two of kitty litter. You can drop your donation off at 123 John St. in Camden; and while you’re here, be sure to say hello to our animals and staff. Questions about any of the pets currently at the shelter, upcoming events, or anything else having to do with P.A.W.S.? Please call us at 236-8702 or check out our website, pawsadoption.org.

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