Mosquitos, and Delicious, nutritious, no-work-to-grow chives

By Maggie Trout | May 19, 2017

Mosquitos already.  I'll be checking the yard and objects in it for standing water.  They need almost no water for breeding - a handful will do it..  Folks with tires in the yard need to check those, too.  On to chives...

Chives have been growing well this year, but with the sudden heat we've been getting, I wish I had been cutting and dry-freezing more of them, because they've shot up so fast they're starting to form blossoms, and also cutting them will encourage new growth. 

No matter the weather, or changing conditions, every Spring, the chives grow.  They are never watered or attended to in any way.  No pesticides or other chemicals are used in, or around, them.  Pollinators love the beautiful flowers.  In the yard here, the chives are growing in full sun, and in a spot which receives five hours of direct sunlight.

I always considered chives to be nutritious, but had never bothered to learn just how healthy.  Turns out, like so much of what is provided in nature, they are brim-full with goodness.  A good read about chives can be found at , and if you don't care for that one, there are plenty of others you can located on a chive search. 

It is sheer pleasure to walk outside and snip fresh chives to be added to a meal, and knowing their health benefits, makes them even more delicious.  And I'll cut the chives before the mosquitos come out in the evening.


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