December 1-13 Astrology gifts us with support to improve our lives.

By ananur forma | Dec 01, 2012

December, thank goodness Mercury is no longer retrograde. My computer was in the shop 3 times in 3 weeks. I had to have “Skype” removed. It kept making my computer crash (it’s an old reconditioned PC). Yesterday, while driving, a piece of wood, which I tried to avoid, flew under my car and broke the muffler system. I got that replaced. What else? Speakers. I just bought for the computer are sputtering. Returned them. Went to another shop and bought speakers and they are sputtering. The problem is with my computer. Yikes! I won’t buy a computer until Mercury goes direct. A friend said she would give me her computer after it is wiped clean professionally because she is getting a new one after Mercury turns direct.

December 1 Mercury will be awkwardly aspecting Uranus which finds you a bit too blunt. Venus is aspecting Jupiter which brings about over eating and other indulgent behaviors, unchecked. It can be a fun time for partying, no doubt. Mars is in a challenging aspect with Jupiter known to find you overextended, going too fast. That usually means you have to go back and correct the job you did in a hurry.

December 1-2 the Sun in Sagittarius is opposite Jupiter in Gemini, until midnight December 2. Watch out for the tendency to over estimate your talents. This could find you expecting to win (gambling). This aspect also might find you over indulging in sweets and alcohol and feeling sickly later on.

December 5-6 the Sun is nicely aspecting Mars encouraging you to take initiative and not sit back and wait to hear about a job, or the government official who said they’d call you back. Call them now.

December 6 Mars is uncomfortably aspecting Neptune which causes vague fears to get in the way of taking necessary action. Something seems to be confusing and you’d rather not deal with anything too complicated. You could wait for the New Moon, December 13th, can you wait that long?

December 7 Venus is in a challenging aspect with Uranus. You could create your own fashion statement out of the non-conformist mood you’re in. Artistically this is what you’ve been looking for.

December 8 Saturn & Neptune are clashing which tells me there is something dishonest taking place on a wide scale. This would be the perfect day for boycotting the companies that are against labeling GMO’s to keep us in the dark when we purchase our food.

December 9-11 Mercury is in a rugged aspect with Neptune. A time of confusion and misunderstandings, for sure.

December 10 Mercury will enter Sagittarius remaining in this fiery sign until December 31. We tend to be outspoken and impatient.

December 12-14 Mercury will be making a positive aspect to Uranus, in Aries. Your mind is quickened and excited about the release of outdated beliefs that no longer suit you. You’re ready to learn something stimulating.

December 13-31 looks pretty good, how awful could December 21 be? Not bad. Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn are in a positive aspect, helping us to put into motion deep profound truths that have always been true. The door to understanding the mystical realms are open.

December 13 the New Moon takes place at 3:42 a.m. with the Sun and Moon at 21 degrees of Sagittarius. The new energy rushes in and stays until the next New Moon, January 11. Thus we have the energies released that are to be with us on the infamous date: December 21, 2012. This New Moon has nothing threatening being set off. In fact it looks like a time of increased awareness. Uranus turns direct, having been retrograde since July 13, 2012. Uranus while direct offers movement towards progressive innovations which are more easily received. The planet Uranus is the only planet turned on it’s side in it’s orbit of our Sun. Uranus is unique. In astrology it represents taking a giant step out of the conventional role we as individuals play in society. Then…trusting intuition no matter what the rational logical mind says. Trusting intuition, and then acting on that. No right or wrong. Learning from experiences. That’s Uranus.

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