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By Diamond | Aug 11, 2016

Dear Diamond,

This has to be the weirdest question. And it’s not a problem, but something I wonder about. I ran into this again very recently and I thought I’d ask you.

I’ve gone to various people’s houses and in their bathrooms there is a basket or bin of not-quite-finished rolls of toilet paper. Some of them have about an eighth left on the roll, some have a third left on the roll, some have about a quarter left on it. Some even a half. I started seeing this 40 years ago at a friend of my fathers. Over the years I’ve seen it at different people’s houses and I am mystified by it, but have never dared to ask. Is there something I don’t know? Why do people do this?

-Out of the Loop


Dear Out of the Loop,

I have to admit that I’ve seen this, too, and am mystified by it. All I can think of is this:

There is someone in the house who gets panicky if there is only a little bit left and they want to make sure that no one’s caught short. They want a full roll on, just in case. So they take off the almost-done one, toss it in a pretty basket, and re-fill the roller with a full one because they are the ONLY person in the house who ever changes toilet paper. Others may claim that they ‘simply don’t know how’ to put the new roll onto the holder. So they just-plain old don’t do it and they leave that complicated job to the one-and-only person in charge of that.

Another reason could be out of concern for the guests; the plan being that the family uses the dregs of T.P. and the guests use the loaded rolls. Good old Yankee ingenuity.

That’s all I can think of to answer this question. Is there anyone out there who can enlighten those of us who’ve noticed this?

With grace and peace,



Dear Readers,

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Here are two that look interesting with plenty of time to plan. Just get out there and mingle, folks. You just never know who will be there.

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