Dear Diamond to Hate-to-Say-Cheese

By Diamond | Aug 18, 2016

Dear Diamond,

I always feel like I look terrible in pictures! How are some people are so photogenic? Are there secrets for posing in photos? I panic a little when the cameras come out, and it shows in the photographs.



Dear Hate-to-say-cheese,

Diamond had a childhood friend whose mother always hated to have her picture taken. She jumped out of every single family photo or put something in front of her face. Or she was the one who took all of the family photos. She was a very attractive person as I recall. No one else noticed that she wasn’t in the pictures until it was too late. She suddenly died when my friend was in her early twenties. Other than her mother’s wedding photo and her college graduation photo, my friend now has only one photo of her mother as the way she remembered her in her lifetime. It’s a photo of her mother in a crowd, and a partial view of her. Only one poor photo of her mother. I beg of you — don’t let that happen to your family. Your loved ones love you just as you are because you are beautiful to them.

You might think that you need to lose weight or that your haircut isn't quite right or that you just don’t look confident or happy enough, but I doubt that your family and friends are going to look at your photos and see your imperfections. They just want you in the pictures.

Diamond’s father always had us kids line up in front of the car for some reason. The photos give the impression of being up against a firing squad because there were so many of us. Perhaps his kids and his car were his prize possessions, I don’t know. For kids that pose is OK, but it’s not for adults.

For adults it’s more attractive to make a 3/4 turn to form a better angle. It creates some shadows and depth in the pose. Notice how celebrities seem to do this at awards ceremonies. They even put one hand on their hip, angling the elbow back and away from their body. It might feel silly, but it it’s very flattering.

If you are sitting, turn to the side and stagger your legs a little in front of you or slightly cross them.

I know of someone who always liked to have her picture taken as she looked to the side instead of having a head-on shot. Seemed to work for her. It created better angles for her face, she told me. She would tilt her head slightly down and to the side for a more attractive pose. She avoided looking straight into the camera.

So please, just get in the photos. Revel in the moments that you are with your family and friends and be happy that someone is capturing those moments. Let your natural emotions show on your face, and you may find that your photos will appear to be better.

With grace and peace,


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