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Cubby responds to love, patience

Pope Memorial Humane Society of Knox County
Sep 30, 2017
Courtesy of: Pope Memorial Humane Society of Knox County Cubby is a shy 2-year-old kitty who blossoms with affection and patience.

What a difference some tender, loving,care can make in the life of a shelter animal. Just look at Cubby, a handsome 2-year-old, blue-eyed, flame-point. When this very sweet, shy boy first arrived in the shelter, he cowered in the corner of his cage and wouldn't let anyone touch him. For week,s he was in protective mode, barely letting down his guard. But, there were signs, positive signs, that if he were in the right environment he could relax and be himself.

Although he definitely needed to get out of the stressful shelter environment, he wasn't at all ready to be adopted. In comes one of our foster families, Diane and Paul, to the rescue. Cubby has been in foster care with them since late July learning what it's like to be in a safe, loving home. While there, he has blossomed. He will now come out and seek affection, rubbing against legs, head-butting your hand. As a reward for patience and giving him his space, he eventually jumped on Diane's lap, purring all the while, settled in and started "making biscuits."

He also loves to play fetch with his favorite toy. Cubby is now back at the shelter waiting for that special person to come in and adopt him. Diane, his foster mom, hopes that special someone will look past Cubby's frightened nature in the shelter setting. She said,, "While he is still very shy, and not likely to make a decent first impression, there are videos to show that he truly is a sweet and loving kitty, and well worth taking a chance on." To get a better feel for his personality, visit Hamish's Feline Foster Haven on Facebook and watch Cubby's transformation. "He has stolen several hearts during his stay with me. He just needs to steal one more, that one, special heart,," Diane said.

Cubby needs someone who will be willing to wait out his inevitable adjustment period in a new home, where he will hide but it will be well worth the wait when he realizes he is home. You will be rewarded with an affectionate, loving companion who will be ever so grateful for a family.

We want to give a shout out to foster parents Diane and Paul Marion, and to all our wonderful foster families, who open up their homes and hearts to help these animals. We couldn't do it without them. If you find reward in helping a kitty become confident and learn what a loving home can be, consider becoming a foster family. To learn more, talk with a staff member at the shelter.

Please join P.A.W.S. Animal Adoption Center & Pope Memorial Humane Society Thursday, Sept. 28, as we shine a light on orphan pets during the 4th annual Remember Me Thursday with a candle-lighting ceremony. We will be gathering on the front lawn of Loyal Biscuit in Rockport at 6 p.m. to be a voice for homeless pets and remember those who never made it into loving homes. Friendly dogs are welcome on leash!

Wish list: Large and kitchen garbage bags, toilet paper, paper towels, wet cat food (pate style) and gift certificates to Walmart, Staples, Amazon and other local businesses. Thanks for your support.

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