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CSB middle schoolers ski fast at Maranacook Invitational

By Staff | Feb 13, 2015

Kents Hill — The Camden Snow Bowl Middle School Alpine ski racing team was back in action on Saturday, Jan. 31 at the Maranacook Invitational in a slalom event. The CSB boys finished first and the girls third on a cold, blustery, snowy day.

"Some of our team were stuck at home due to all of the snow and drifting, unable to get plowed out in time for the race and, despite this, the team rallied to a very strong result," said coach Weber Roberts. "Most of the team were able to be on hand for the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Snow Bowl before braving icy roads to Readfield for the race."

By the time the race started the skies cleared and visibility improved.

Simon Fedarko, Cedar Andrus and Ethan Andrus finished seventh, eighth and ninth, while Michael Frampton was second. Devon Smith improved dramatically in this race as he moved into the top 20 with a second run that was nearly a second faster than the first.

Coach Roberts said, "The boys team has a lot of depth. On any given day every single team member contributes to the win and if we lose the top or second seed to a fall, the rest of the team does their part to keep Camden on top."

The new sixth-graders have started to come on strong and give the older skiers a healthy challenge, the coach said, which keeps the entire team competitive.

The boys team scores were: CSB 26, Maranacook 30, Farmington 38 and Sugarloaf 54.

On the girls side, stellar performances from Sydney White, who placed among the top 10, and Vika Santoro, who finished third, pushed CSB within striking distance of the talented Maranacook and Farmington squads.

"I wouldn't be surprised seeing this team challenge Maranacook for the championship if every single girl has two solid runs at states," said coach Roberts.

CSB was missing three of its skiers and still came within six points of winning the meet.

Courtney King continued her push into the top five, improving her position with each meet, the coach said.

In the race, the top four scorers for Maranacook and Farmington combined for an even result, which meant the meet was decided by the fifth skier, and Maranook took the win.

The girls team scores were: Maranacook 28, Farmington 28, CSB 34 and Sugarloaf 48.

The combined times for two runs of slalom for CSB skiers were:

Girls — 3, Vika Santoro, 1:08.15; 9, Courtney King, 1:15.39; 10, Sydney White, 1:16.31; 12, Isabelle Manahan, 1:17.05; and 18, Annabelle Williams, 1:23.57.

Boys — 2, Michael Frampton, 1:04.78; 7, Cedar Andrus, 1:08.64; 8, Simon Fedarko, 1:11.18; 9, Ethan Andrus, 1:12.31; 13, Oscar Horovitz, 1:14.22; 14, Emerson Brott, 1:16.60; 16, Rhys White, 1:18.06; 17, Devon Smith, 1:18.14;  23, Tanner Robinson, 1:26.26; and 26, Noah LaChance, 1:32.

Suzanne Weiss from the Camden Snow Bowl contributed information for this story.

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