Courier-Gazette Letters to the Editor, Sept. 6

Sep 06, 2018

Open letter to Susan Collins

Having sent letters and phone messages to Susan Collins’ office without any apparent effect, I am appealing to the media to make clear that many informed citizens of Maine, Democrats and Republicans alike, are appalled at President Donald Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. We have watched the administrative branch of our government become more dictatorial and thugish almost daily, but this nomination adds a whole new dimension to the assault on democracy.


Whatever Collins’ allegiances are, she must be aware that a vote for Kavanaugh is capitulation to the cynical maneuverings of organizations financed by the Koch brothers, people unconcerned with the quality of life on this planet and responsive only to the demands of Big money. If Trump has his way, the devastating effect on our justice system could not be reversed for decades.


Unless she opposes the elevation of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, I believe Collins will lose whatever credibility she retains among responsible voters as a legislator concerned about people among the 99 percent, and the health of the planet we all depend on, rich or poor.


Brooke Pacy



Miramant is 'man of integrity'

I was glad to hear that Maine State Sen. Dave Miramant is running for reelection again this year, after his first two successful terms representing our district.

Even in the sometimes-smarmy political climate we face these days, Dave remains optimistic, positive and patient. These attributes are serving him well in Augusta, where he works hard to move discussions beyond party politics to do what is right for Mainers. Dave routinely reaches across the aisle to negotiate good bills and policies that strike just the right balance. His optimism and belief in Maine and our people is unwavering, regardless of the ever-shifting political climate.

With Dave in Augusta, we have a man of great integrity representing us; a man who genuinely cares about our community, its people, and our future. Dave has the aptitude to introduce smart bills that will improve our lives, and the skills necessary to see those bills through to passage.

Passionate in his positions and work to protect the environment, support Maine workers and businesses, promote comprehensive tax reform and improve health care access, Dave is also constantly listening and learning to expand his views and knowledge base. He actively knocks on the doors of his constituents to stay in touch and in tune with members of our community at all levels to help ensure that his actions as our senator are informed by all of us. He is also responsive when his constituents reach out to him, and goes out of his way not only to listen to our issues, but when appropriate, to help problem-solve solutions, as well.

We need state Sen. Dave Miramant back in Augusta, where he will continue to work hard for our community and state. Dave is definitely getting my vote this Nov. 6. I hope he will get yours, too.

Melissa Gates


Band says thanks for successful fundraiser

The NorthernRain Band concert and Liberation Institute charity fundraiser and silent auction Aug. 26 was a great night. For those who don't know, the nonprofit Liberation Institute teaches yoga to inmates at the Maine State Prison, and also trains prisoners to teach yoga.

First of all, we need to thank all of the great businesses that were gracious enough to get behind such an amazing cause. Your donations for the silent auction went a long way. We were humbled by such an outpouring of generosity that sometimes we don’t see on the surface. Contributing business included Schooner Bay Printing, Samoset Resort, Lord Camden Inn, Rankin's Hardware, 18 Central, Tiffany Studio, Thos Handmade Furniture, The Music Center, Main Sport, The Owl and Turtle Bookstore, K2 Music, Prism Marketing, The Admiral's Buttons, Fresh Off the Farm, Uncle Willy's Candy Shop, Scarlet Smile, Liberty Graphics, Fireside Pottery and Camden Jewelry. Thank you so very much.

Secondly, thank you to The Saint George River Cafe in Warren. Fanny and Ann are always behind anything that helps people come together with one purpose: to love. The food is always great!

The NorthernRain band plans to continue to come alongside the Liberation Institute. There are already whispers of another charity show in Portland. Keep your ears open, and most of all, thanks to the great folks that came out to support all of us. Your support and donations made it all worthwhile. Raising awareness for this great, life-changing nonprofit is the best reward one could ask for. Thank you.

Ty Leah Rainy

John Norwood


Thanks from Friends of Rockland Public Library

On behalf of the Friends of Rockland Public Library, I would like to thank the many people who contributed to the success of our Fourth Annual Rockland Public Library Tag Sale, held Aug. 18. We received an amazing amount of both new and gently used household goods, furniture, bikes, clothing, holiday fun, and more. The selection donated was amazing, to say the least. This was truly an event for all. The weather gave us a bit of trouble, yet despite the rain, people had such fun finding treasures.

We also wish to thank the many tireless FRPL volunteers who helped pick up and price the donations. Many, many hours were spent sorting and pricing. Special thanks goes out to Luke Olsen of the Lincoln Street Center; thank you for letting us store our donations in that amazing space. We couldn’t have pulled this off without your generous help. Pete Lammert, thank you once again for loaning us your tent. Rockland Public Works, thank you for helping set up the tent. Park Street Laundry, thank you for loaning us racks for our clothing.

By naming names, I know I run into trouble for possibly leaving folks out – the list of people who helped with the Tag Sale is immense. Thank you to all - you know who you are – for making this event a success. The work paid off. After subtracting minimal operating expenses (less than $100), the Friends, with incredible support from the community, raised just over $4,000 at the Tag Sale, which all goes directly to our wonderful library.

The Book Stop, our used bookstore downstairs in the library, was also quite busy. As important, we had some new Friends memberships also come in. Thank you, everyone! We look forward to holding our fifth annual Tag Sale next summer! This year we did not hold a book sale at the same time as our Tag Sale. We will keep you posted --- be on the lookout for a possible book sale in October. In the meantime, come to the Book Stop in the lower level of the library for an ever-changing selection of gently used, amazingly priced books.

Rebecca Albright

Friends of Rockland Public Library co-president


Cone Eaters

My father went to Harvard

My brother went to Yale

And me, I went to MIT

To learn to talk to whales.


So!!! I bought myself a woodlot

And I moved myself to Maine

The land I bought was full of swamp

And the bugs drove me insane.


I don't like nuclear power

I believe in burning wood

I cranked the fire

And left the house

The chimney's all that stood.


I made my way to L.L. Bean's

And bought a new buck knife

We started a fight with a fisherman

And I damn near lost my life.


I raised myself a bird dog

I always let him run

The warden caught him chasing deer

And shot him with his gun.


I tried to fish tor lobsters

Off an island in the bay

But every time I checked my traps

My buoys went astray.


Boy, life in Maine

It sure is tough

But I know I'll survive

On granola bars and pine cones

The foods on which I thrive.

Ed. note: The above poem was written about 1973 by the late Jeff Paul and was submitted by his friend Andrea Hart as a memorial to him. She told us Paul grew up in Rockland and worked for the town of Camden for his career as a wastewater technician. He also worked for the Watson family as a caretaker for 11 years with John A. Hart, not to be confused with John L. Hart, one of Jeff's many friends and Andrea's father. Andrea went on to say "Knowing Jeff was loving Jeff and he will be remembered for his dark-satire coupled with his kindness and overwhelming good nature."



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