Courier-Gazette Letters to the Editor, Sept. 19

Sep 19, 2019

Less of yesterday, more of tomorrow

In response to Jan Dolcater's bemoaning of young people being too radical [Another View, Courier-Gazette Sept. 12], which he assumes will be the undoing of the nation, I have to point out that if the Founding Fathers had been more conservative we wouldn't have the country we do.

I suspect that Jan Dolcater is not a spring chicken. And, perhaps as we age we pine for the way things used to be when we were young. In the '60s and '70s, when I was young, gay and interracial marriage were forbidden, death sentences were common, abortions were illegal and racism was ubiquitous. I do not pine for those days, and I thank my younger self for helping to be a catalyst for change. If you are young, don't completely lose your heart to your head when you're old.

Peter Mergendahl


Rockland should fix Main Street sidewalks

During this past year, the city of Rockland spent thousands of dollars on new gray brick or paver sidewalks on both sides of Winter Street from Main Street to Park Drive, instead of addressing the more critical need for sidewalk reconstruction on Main Street. More specifically, on the east side of Main Street from Tillson Avenue to Winter Street, and the alleyway or driveway by Key Bank to the Brass Compass Cafe, and from Orient Street to Elm Street on the other side of Main Street. These sidewalk segments are uneven, with visible cracking and crumbling. They consist of old deteriorating concrete and brick inlaid. Together, these factors contribute to unsafe walking conditions in which people can easily trip or fall. In addition, the segments often lack ADA-compliant pedestrian-detectable warning devices.

In addition to the cracking and uneven sidewalk segments on both sides of Main Street, there is also the issue of uncontrolled and unsightly weed growth along the Main Street sidewalks and curbs. The weed situation is even worse on Park Street, off Main Street.

In summary, by installing new sidewalks on Winter Street, instead of reconstructing and making safer the aforementioned sidewalk segments on Main Street, where the conditions are far worse and where there is more pedestrian foot traffic, the city has misunderstood its downtown sidewalk reconstruction priorities. Nor is the city addressing the weed growth problem.

As a note, the Winter Street sidewalks do look nice. However, the herein-described sidewalk segments, if upgraded, would look just as nice!

As a closing commentary, Rockland Main Street Inc., which is partially funded by the city of Rockland, is the proper local advocacy group to assist the city in prioritizing downtown sidewalk reconstruction and safety projects, as well as being advocates for addressing the weed growth problem in the area.

Rodney Lynch


Thanks for another successful 'Birthday Bash'

"Sal's Birthday Bash" fundraiser for St. George Ambulance Service Aug. 24 was again a big success. I would like to thank the St. George Fire Dept. for the use of their tent and facilities, the musicians from the Monday and Tuesday night jams for the entertainment and Dwane Wight for the sound system.

I also thank Tim Polky for the pig. I would also like to thank Tim Polky and Randy Elwell for roasting and carving the pig. I also thank Rick Freeman for roasting and carving the chickens. Thank you, family and friends, for the side dishes and desserts. Thank you to the kitchen crew for the great job they did. I would also like to thank Walmart, Shaw's, Dunkin Donuts and Hannaford. A big thank-you to all who donated to the St. George Ambulance Service.

Sally Long

St. George




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Posted by: Robin Gabe | Sep 19, 2019 12:26

So, Rodney, do you think the city would have been prioritized the sidewalks on Winter Street if the Center for Maine Contemporary Art and Dowling Walsh weren't on that street?

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