Courier-Gazette Letters to the Editor July 23

Jul 23, 2020

The war against COVID-19

I think about this COVID-19 pandemic a lot, as do most other people, I imagine. I wonder how history will remember this battle, and it is a battle we are fighting against this virus.

It is clear, if one follows the science and not the politics, what we can each do to conquer this virus. Wear a mask, social distance, wash hands, don’t touch faces. Places that did not do this are paying the price. I am puzzled when I see people who refuse to participate in the battle to conquer this virus. I consider it my patriotic duty to protect this country, as best I can.

I wonder how many deaths it will take for all Americans to come together and join the fight. I was looking at the deaths in wars that we have fought. There have been 1833 combat deaths in Afganistan, so far. There were 3836 combat deaths in the Iraq War. 33,686 combat deaths in the Korean War. 47,424 combat deaths in the Vietnam War. 53,402 combat deaths in WWI. 234,414 combat deaths in the Civil War. 291,557 combat deaths in WWII. So far there have been 138,000 deaths in this COVID-19 War.

It was 143,000 when I submitted this letter. I’m sure it will be higher by the time this is printed. How many more need to die before all Americans come together and join the battle to protect this country?

Beth Connor


To the citizens of St. George

Many thanks to the citizens of St. George for the respect each of you showed on Election Day, July 14.

As a poll worker, I had been somewhat concerned about the safety of the voting process.

Nearly every single individual voting wore face coverings which raised my comfort level immeasurably.

Also, I was very grateful for the great thought, care and time our town office crew gave to assure the safety and ease of the entire process.

With all of these procedures and care in place I feel confident that the November elections will go extremely well and will be a safe place for all.

Bonnie Percival

St. George

Thoughts from the Reverend

I have yet to meet anyone who wants people to get sick with COVID-19, and I have yet to meet anyone who wants our economy to fail, or for people to lose their jobs or revenue.

The pandemic and economy are very challenging, inter-related issues that will demand much compromise and great creativity and flexibility in resolving. These issues are not partisan issues in any way. They demand action by our elected and appointed leaders that will ensure our safety and our economic well-being.

To think that wearing or not wearing a face mask is a political statement is absurd, it is a health issue. They are uncomfortable and awkward; it is a change in our way of life and it is challenging. To think that any one aspect of this belongs to one party or another is only limiting our joint response.

None of the issues that are before us should be strictly Republican or Trump supporting or Democratic or Trump hating issues. The political theater of the 2020 election is a unique drama that we need to participate in with dignity and in an informed way. But the issues of the pandemic and the crisis of our economic well being needs to be an “all hands-on deck” concern. This is a unique time and how we work together will determine our outcome.

Any sign of partisan politics creeping in needs to be met with resistance. Every Republican, Democrat, Independent and other I have met and know wants a strong economy and people to be healthy.

We are neighbors and fellow citizens of a very vulnerable state dependent upon tourism and filled with people in the high-risk category for infection of the COVID-19. We need to welcome those who are coming to the state to visit, as it benefits our economy and it is important that we maintain high standards of caution and prevention to ensure our safety.

If anything, it is my hope and prayer that our response to the local challenges before us will unite us enough in order to divert us, at least somewhat, from the all-encompassing circus of our national political drama.

The Rev. Peter Jenks


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