Courier-Gazette Letters to the Editor Feb. 13

Feb 11, 2020

My house is NOT for sale!

This is an open letter to the various local real estate agents who have been lately flooding my mailbox, and presumably those of other Rockland homeowners with urgent solicitations to "sell now!" while prices are high.

I have no intention of "selling now." I bought my house to live in, not to dump it for profit at the first sign of a check waved under my nose. I have lived in Rockland for twenty-three years, and I have worked, in and around Rockland, for thirty-four years, and I like to think I make some worthy contribution to the town. I am a native of the Midcoast.

My house is my home. My year-round, not-gonna-sell-it, home. I really don't want to hear from any more real estate speculators, house flippers, gentrifiers, or Airbnb promoters who think they could find a higher and better use for my home than I have.

I intend to live here, in this house, as long as I am physically able to do so, and I intend that my washing will flap in the North End breeze for many years to come. So please, stop wasting your time and your stamps trying to get this taxpaying working-class year-round homeowner to sell out.

Elizabeth McLeod


Protect your children, vote "No"

In 2019, the Maine legislature approved Public Law 154, removing religious and philosophical exemptions to school-required immunizations. This law was enacted to ensure, that to the extent possible, public school children would be protected from the spread of preventable diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis.

While this law seeks to protect all children, it is especially important for the protection of medically fragile children. Question One on the March ballot seeks to overturn this important public safety accomplishment.

In the drive to overturn Public Law 154, the protagonists have sought to cast this as a campaign against big pharmaceutical companies.

While these corporations have done many things to damage their collective reputation and are a now frequent focus of political ire, characterizing the need to maintain school-required immunizations as a fight against pharmaceutical interest is a dishonest and cynical manipulation of public perception.

The argument for those who seek to overturn Public Law 154 is not with the pharmaceutical companies, but it is with evidenced-based, medical science that informs us that vaccines are effective in preventing diseases, saving lives, and helping to keep all of our children safe.

Let us continue to support and sustain reasonable legislation that protects children and individuals from vaccine-preventable diseases. Voting NO on question one is the best we can do!

Neal Guyer


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