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Dec 07, 2019

A response to Brower's 'civility' to Collins

I’ve been trying to figure out why I am so upset about Reade Brower’s letter to the editor calling for ‘civility’ towards Susan Collins and telling us she’s a ‘nice’ person. When we finally get rid of Trump, whether by impeachment, loss in an election or just dying of old age, I can just picture all the super wealthy people--Democrats, Republicans, Independents--patting the currently sitting Republicans and members of the Trump administration, on the back, saying, “It’s not your fault; you did the best you could.”

It’s kind of like when Obama was seated as president. He bailed out the banks instead of bailing out the homeowners who were the victims of predatory lending practices and the housing bubble created by Wall Street. Why weren’t banks ordered to refinance homes at their current value and forgive late loans? Maybe we would have a lot less homeless people now if he had. What is happening now is much, much worse.

Asylum seekers and immigrants have been demonized. They are now treated worse than criminals locked in actual cages, children are separated from their parents, they are denied world wide agreed upon basic human rights. Eye witnesses testify that the stay in Mexican camps have worse conditions than many war zones. People are literally dying because of current Republican policies. Trump lies every single day. He disparages our own intelligence agencies and civil servants. Every foreign policy decision he makes benefits Russia-they are now supplying the grain US farmers are not to China, Russia occupies the former US military base in Northern Iraq, he keeps promoting a false narrative about the Ukraine that benefits Russia. Trump and Republicans have turned back the clock on environmental regulations, LGBTQ, minority and Women’s Rights. Trump’s main advisor in the White House is an undeniable White Supremacist. Most appointed positions and judgeships are seated with unqualified individuals. Every single judicial decision against the Trump administration is appealed until it gets to the Supreme Court. New policies promote pollution at a time when scientists world-wide are warning of a climate emergency.

Despite all this, Reade Brower--considered ‘left’ by most--thinks telling people who are calling out Susan Collins for her votes, asking her to explain her votes and just plain trying to get her to listen to their opinions, need a lecture about civility. Reade Brower, a millionaire newspaper owner, admits Collins sought a meeting with him to get him to get his newspapers to be less critical of her. He claims he said no but now he breaks his vow not to influence his newspapers by writing an op ed that makes Collins look like a victim. Despite his assurances in the letter that he isn’t promoting Collins’ or Trumps’ agendas, he is helping to promote the lie that the so-called left is uncivil and thereby extreme and violent. I am not denying that Collins has been personally attacked but it is a tiny percentage of criticism against her. What I am most offended by is that that tiny percentage is the one thing Brower thinks is important enough to come out against publicly while Republican policies are destroying our Democracy.

Cynthia McGuirl


Congrats to Conservation winners and attendees

Congratulations to conservation award winners and thank you to sponsors and attendees.

Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District would like to congratulate all individuals who were honored Thursday, Nov. 6, at the Knox-Lincoln SWCD 72nd Annual Awards Banquet at Camp Wavus in Jefferson. District friends, partners and the public were invited to celebrate the conservation contributions of Knox and Lincoln county residents and learn about district activities throughout the year.

This year we recognized the following conservationists for their contributions:

Conservation Farm of 2019 — Tony & Marianne Marple of High Meadow Farm, Whitefield

Distinguished Professional Service Award — David Rocque, State soil scientist

Excellence in Forestry Practices Award — CTL Land Management Services, Inc, Whitefield, Gavin Mclain and Kyle Overlook

Volunteer of the Year — Kristi Niedermann, Cushing

This year several local businesses sponsored our Annual Banquet, which allowed us to keep this event affordable for our participants. We are grateful for the following sponsors: The First National Bank; Viking Inc.; ReVision Energy; Sasanoa Brewing; N.C. Hunt Lumber; Camden National Bank; Damariscotta Bank & Trust; Brooks Trap Mill and Mid-Maine Forestry.

Knox-Lincoln SWCD offers educational programming for students and adults; technical services; a spring plant and conservation supply sale and retains historic aerial photos of our region. Along with congratulating our conservation award winners, the evening included a raffle as one of our yearly fundraisers. We appreciate the following individuals and local businesses, who generously donated prizes: Ames True Value Hardware Supply; Hildy Ellis; Fireside Pottery; Fresh Off the Farm; Midcoast Conservancy; Mystic Woodworks; Plants Unlimited; Savage Oakes Vineyard & Winery, and Warren True Value.

Thank you to all who attended our awards banquet and contributed to conservation efforts over the year.

Julie Sells

Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District

Comments (5)
Posted by: Ronald Horvath | Dec 11, 2019 11:05

Not nice, Stephen?  Oh no, it goes far beyond that.  How does trump offend us?  Let me count the ways.  Liar, cheat, thief, bully, braggart, whiner, deceiver, abuser, sexual assaulter, and draft dodging coward.  He's man who stole from innocent people with his phony charity and his phony university.  He's a man who has called the FBI "scum" but can't bring himself to criticize a murderous thug like Putin and in fact turns into a whimpering dog when in the villain's presence.  His entire family has charges against them for fraud and his accusations of nepotism against Biden comes across as hollow compared to his daughter and son in law's openly selling influence to all buyers.  He's man so insecure that he lie about his height, his weight, and his health, and even wears make up to look "tanned."  Everything about him is false and dishonest.  Surely his numbers tell the truth.  Let's compare "investigations":



72 months
0 charges
0 indictments/pleas
0 prison sentences
Hillary testified for 11 hours.
Email investigations: 0 indictments
Uranium one investigations: 0 indictments

22 months
215 charges
38 indictments/pleas
5 prison sentences
Trump testified for 0 hours
Trump Foundation; Shut down for fraud
Trump University: Shut down for fraud
March 2019: 17 open investigations into Trump corruption


"He has also criminally obstructed a Department of Justice investigation of himself but escaped prosecution because of the intercession of an Attorney General more loyal to him than to the Constitution - the Constitution!" -Andrew Napolitano, FOX News judicial analyst


Enough?  No?  How about:


"Did you know that Trump's IRS commissioner, the one he picked who's charged with releasing his tax returns to Congress, earns as much as $1 million in rental income from the Trump-branded properties he co-owns?


"Presidential adviser Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand had just won first trial approval for 16 new trademarks (which had been applied for back in 2016) from the Chinese government. These approvals come about three months after Ivanka announced that her brand was shutting down, and mark the largest number of new Chinese trademarks she has received in a single month since President Donald Trump took office.”

The trademarks also cover items including nursing homes, sausage casing, and voting machines. Ivanka’s business applied for these trademarks in 2016.

This is far from the first time that Ivanka’s Chinese trademarks have raised ethics questions. In May 2018, Ivanka Trump’s business received approval for several new Chinese trademarks a week before President Trump announced that he wanted to lift the ban on the Chinese company ZTE, for violating US sanctions. In 2017, the business received three new Chinese trademarks on the same day she dined with Chinese President Xi Jinping."


"Jared Kushner gave permission to Saudi ruler Mohammad bin Salman to arrest Jamal Khashoggi before he was killed and dismembered, a whistleblower claims.

However, Turkish intelligence intercepted the call and President Recep Erdogan then used the information to force President Trump to remove his troops from northern Syria, according to the Spectator.


The report claims that investigators on the Democratic-led House Intelligence Committee are aware of these allegations and are planning to dig further into them while pursuing the impeachment inquiry over Trump’s dealings with Ukraine.

It also claims that the number of intelligence whistleblowers who are willing to give evidence to the impeachment committee is seven.

The three already known are the original anonymous CIA officer, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and Tim Morrison, the NSC’s director for European and Russian Affairs.

The Khashoggi whistleblower takes that tally up to four, meaning there are three others waiting in the wings. "


There's more, Stephen, if you're up for actually learning something instead of just repeating what you've been told.  With Trump there's always more.  I'll leave you with this tidbit:


"Obama could only dream of having the numbers that my father has done." -Donald J. Trump, Jr.

20 sexual assalut allegations
17 criminal investigations
10 acts of obstruction of justice
100+ secret meetings with Russians
2 indictments campaing finance fraud

Trump's tweets:

5,889 times attacked someone or something
2,026 times praised himself
1,710 times promoted conspiraciies
233 times attacked ally nations
132 times praised dictators


"If I win I may never see my property -I may never see these places again...  But because I'm going to be working for you, I'm not going to have time to go golfing, believe me, believe me, believe me, folks." -Donald Trump, August 2016 campaign event


Posted by: Stephen K Carroll | Dec 11, 2019 08:35

As I watch & listen to all the impeachment hoopla it becomes apparent the Democratic strategy is nothing more than their intense hatred for Donal Trump.  Here's just not nice.  He says and tweets mean things. He's not a kind & gentle person like Barach Obama who started seven more wars and gave all your money to the Banks & insurance companies.  To the Democratic party it's all about "Civility".  It doesn't matter how many you starve or murder as long as you are nice to each other.  That's what this is all about.

Posted by: Dale Hayward | Dec 09, 2019 15:39

Reade can write anything, it is his newspaper, just remember that and you will understand things much better.


Posted by: Jeff Sukeforth | Dec 09, 2019 09:05

Cynthia, just one question what Republican policies are destroying our democracy?


Posted by: Anita L Knowlton | Dec 09, 2019 08:32

Well said Cynthia . I was so mad after reading the Opinion about Susan Collins,a woman that I have voted for but now feel betrayed by , that I knew it was not a good time for me to answer the many mistakes made in said OpEd ( one usually does not look good when speaking in anger ) . Cynthia your have answered it for all of use thoughtfully and well . Thank you!


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