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Dec 11, 2019

Castle Builders Bankruptcy Sale

Castle Builders Bankruptcy Sale is Thursday, Dec. 12 at 10 a.m. at the Union Agway store.

There will be many items for sale at this auction. Unfortunately because my husband and I cannot satisfy the bankruptcy court and trustees that some of the materials up for sale were paid for by us for our roof job. Those items are up for auction. I know that everyone is after a deal and wanting to save money where they can. I don’t blame buyers at all.

What I would like those that attend to consider when bidding is to realize that many of the materials up for sale were bought and paid for by customers of Castle Builders who’s jobs are not completed or even started. I can only speak for my husband and I that we paid to have the four roofs done in metal “Colonial Red” along with aluminum white trim and boards to replace rotten eaves. Our house is one of those four roofs, and which is about half covered.

We do not have the means to go out and purchase these materials again and hire people to do the work. We are like everyone else trying to live on a shoe string budget off social security and what I make as an educational technician in a school system. We used our savings to do this project and it is not complete. We need the materials that are being auctioned off to complete our job.

We are asking that if you are considering on bidding on metal roofing, materials for metal roofing, or machinery for bending metal roofing. That you consider who’s project this material are for. We are hoping and praying to be able to purchase the materials and machinery needed for our roofs at a minimal cost because we have already paid for the materials.

We are not out to get get an incredible deal. We are only out to be able to purchase back the materials we need to complete the job that Castle Builders did not complete. Because it is a detriment to our house and lives.

SRB Helping is still taking donations at Bangor Savings to assist many other people who need assistance completing jobs which Castle Builders have left incomplete.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Valerie and Billy Jackson


The issue on cell towers; address it!

I live in Pen Bay Acres, right behind where a proposed 120 ft. cell phone tower may be built. It is proposed to be built on Rte. 1 between Pizza Hut and Shore Village Apartments. Some of you may already know about this. I have not heard of a cell tower built next to a residential area before.

Everyone says to me, "Aren't they usually built away from people on top of a hill?" Yes, if the city has a protective ordinance in place, which Rockland does not have. If this tower is built, it sets a precedent for more 120 ft. towers to loom over us in Rockland next to residential areas on Rte. 1.

I do not want that to occur. This would ruin the look of Rockland as an artsy city with fine dining.

I'm told it could bring down house values and also cause weakened immune systems, headaches, dizziness, dementia, cancer and who knows what else. I say that because there has not been enough time to evaluate the affects cell phone towers have on plants, animals and people. Why take chances with lives, I say.

There is, however, an FCC Law that proclaims Planning Boards canNOT use health concerns to stop this form of progress.

Please come to the Planning Board meeting Jan. 7 Tuesday 5:15 p.m at Rockland City Hall 270 Pleasant Street and be heard or seen. Numbers of people present matters. We do not want cell towers all over the city of Rockland. We already have them on Main Street roof tops, the Fire House, and hidden inside church steeples. Did you know that?

You are also invited to write to the Planning Board and City Council to express your concerns.

If you do any research at all you will find that this issue of concern is all over the country. Thank you for reading this.

Here's where to write:

Planning Board & City Council

c/o John Root Code Officer

270 Pleasant Street

Rockland, Me. 04841

The date of the Planning Board public speak up on this issue...has been changed to Tuesday, Jan. 7 5:15pm

Ananur Forma


A new life for the home

Our house in the South End was recently featured in your paper with an article by Stephen Betts. Yes, we are from away.

My husband and I followed our daughters to Maine five years ago from Massachusetts. We had vacationed here in the Belgrade lakes region for close to thirty years and were excited to actually be living here in Maine permanently. After living in Vassalboro for five years, I was ready to move to a city, and I chose Rockland.

I am so happy to be living here. I love Rockland. Are we rich? Heck no, that's why the house is not finished yet! But I am so happy being here in this city.

I walk all around town, I have joined the library, I volunteer at the AIO food pantry, and I participate in the downtown events. Most people who see us working on the house or in the yard express pleasure that we are bringing Louise Nevelson's house back to life.

We chose not to tear it down because it is a Rockland artist's childhood home.

Susan Manning


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