Courier-Gazette Letters to the Editor, April 5

Apr 05, 2018

Youth doing what their elders have failed to do

It is with a great deal of love and admiration that I write this letter to the young people of our country and the world.

Being a woman, wife, mother, grandmother and soon-to-be great-grandmother, I watch with incredulity what is going on in our world today. Yes, there have been wars and pestilence for centuries, but now it has moved up to killing children in schools.

In my 30-plus years as a schoolteacher, I was once told by a student that I was his "mother away from home." When a child thinks of his mother, he often correlates it with love and safety. What kind of safety is it when we have to arm a schoolteacher with a gun to protect the young people they are trying to teach not only math and science, but how to get along with their fellow classmates and the world?

We have numerous adults for our young people to emulate, but the ones who are held up in front of our young people the most by way of TV, newspapers, text, etc. are the greedy, morally corrupt and unethical people whom we as a nation elected to lead our country.

When is this going to be resolved?

Well, it looks as if the young people coming up are willing to step up to the plate, thank God.

So, march, love, pray and lift your voices high and hopefully the adults who want a peaceful coexistance on this earth will join you to rid ourselves of the plague which has infected our globe.

Elizabeth Heald


In support of Fortman for state Senate

I encourage my Lincoln County neighbors to look at Laura Fortman’s public service record and support her run for Maine Senate District 13.

Laura has the integrity, experience and priorities sorely needed in Augusta. While she was labor commissioner, Laura brought together education and business stakeholders to develop Maine’s workforce. As the director of the Maine Women’s Lobby, she listened and fought passionately for the rights and security of Mainers. As a senator, her highest priorities will be to secure our economic well-being and access to health care.

Working in public education, I have a biased political view: I want our legislators to lead us to a Maine economy that is thriving and includes youth and adults who have been left out in the cold. Laura will fight to fully fund public schools, restore revenue-sharing to take pressure off of property taxes and ensure we have diverse pathways to work through technical certificates, associate degrees and apprenticeships as well as four-year programs.

If, like me, you have grown weary of moving backwards, I hope that you’ll support Laura Fortman -- she has the vision, the skills and the passion to move us forward.

Bridget Mullen


Thanks Dow and Simmons for support of solar law

I thank Senator Dana Dow and Representative Abden Simmons for their support of LD 1444 in this year’s legislative session. I appreciate their decision not only to vote in favor of LD1444, but also in support of overriding Gov. Paul LePage’s expected veto of that legislation.

LD1444 will prevent electric utility companies like CMP from charging Mainers a tax on solar power they create and use in their own homes or businesses. That would be just like taxing people for wood they harvest, cut and split on their own property to heat their homes. LD1444 also increases the number of participants who can benefit from a single solar project.

If LD 1444 does not become law, all of CMP’s customers, whether or not they have solar panels, will pay higher electricity bills to defray the cost of new meters to measure solar production. If LD 1444 does not become law, municipalities and others will not be able to take full advantage of solar projects to lower their energy bills.

Last April the town of Waldoboro took steps to begin construction of a 110-kilowatt solar installation at the Waldoboro landfill. The new system is now in operation, and Waldoboro is already benefitting from lower electricity costs for its municipal buildings.

Solar energy must become an even more important part of Maine’s future energy mix. Solar projects provide new jobs, reduce Maine’s carbon footprint, reduce the need for costly power distribution networks, and serve as a strong example of the importance of solar energy to the many non-Mainers who visit the state.

Again, thanks to Dow and Simmons for supporting LD 1444, and for overriding LePage’s expected veto.

Bob Butler


Students plan anti-abortion walkout

As you have probably heard, there was recently a student walkout where students walked out of school for 17 minutes to honor the 17 students killed in the recent school shooting in Parkland, Fla. Now, Brandon Gillespie, a California high school student, is organizing a 17-minute walkout on April 11 at 10 a.m. to "honor all the lives of the millions of aborted babies every year."

Every day in our country, more than 3,000 babies are murdered by abortion. The death of these 17 students is tragic and never should have happened. Tragically, the answer to the question "Am I next?" is "Yes" for 3,000 children who will never have the chance to live outside the womb of their mother. Will you join students as we stand for life, as we use our voice to speak for those who have no voice? Will you join us as we say "No More" to the slaughter of innocent babies all over our country?

All human beings are created in the image of our creator God at the moment of conception and deserve the right to life without fear of being murdered. Please share the message as we cry out to our fellow countrymen, No More! I ask that you share this message far and wide and encourage students to walk out April 11 to show the country that we will use our voice to protect the voiceless!

Virginia Cowperthwaite, age 14

Homeschool student


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