Courier-Gazette Letters to the Editor, April 12

Apr 12, 2018

Petition seeks to limit largest cruise ships

There is an online petition requesting that the Rockland City Council limit the size and number of mega-cruise ships that visit our city. As the number of signatures grows, a pattern emerges. The community of those who love Rockland extends far beyond our residents, including legions of others from across Maine, from around the country, and from across the globe.

But as residents, we have a very special responsibility as stewards of the city so many people love to visit or call home. We must forgo the lure of short-term profits and increased ticket sales and reject the false promises of sweet-talking strangers. Take a stand to bolster our economy, preserve our culture, and protect our environment. Please sign the petition at, call City Hall to express your support, and join our extended community of those who dare to stand tall and are Rockland Proud.

David Wylie


Thompson has what district needs

My name is John Kordak. People know me as JP. I grew up in Connecticut, but have been lobster fishing on Monhegan Island since I graduated from high school. I moved to this rock near 20 years ago. So, at the age of 37, I can now say that I’ve been “at it” a little while, and I’ve met quite a few people along the way. One of them is Justin Thompson. Justin, as many of you know, is running to be your representative in Augusta. I want to tell you what I’ve seen from the “outside” looking in.

I first met Justin at The Monhegan Island Inn. He was working as a truck driver. That’s right; Justin earned everything. I would bug him all day, and it never bothered him. He was always tolerant and funny. Two characteristics he still holds to this day. Throughout the years, we have remained friends. He has served as a mentor, intellectual companion, and has always been there for me. Through good and bad, he’s shown his support. To be blunt, he’s no fair-weather friend, and he will make no fair-weather representative.

Throughout the years, we’ve managed to connect on many different levels. Being from away and not looking the part of a Mainer can make things tough. Maybe I should say it’s hard to put ourselves in each other's shoes sometimes. I want to say this; Justin Thompson knows how to put himself in anyone’s shoes. Race, creed or color, none of this matters to him. We’ve discussed the justice system at length, and I’m here to tell you, he gets it. Justin understands the issues, and more importantly, he has ideas to help.

Justin is always seeking new information. He has an incredibly open mind, and he’s not a politician, not even close. He’s open to all sides, he’ll listen to you, and he’ll act. I’ve observed how fiercely he’s participated in local politics. Particularly helping St. George become an independent school district. He brings unmatched passion. He has always realized the ramifications of decisions made by federal, state, and local governments, and how they affect the Midcoast population. I firmly believe that Justin has the right mindset, a non-corrupted background, the temperament to advocate for significant stability, and the change that is so badly needed.

Mr. Thompson is socially liberal and fiscally conservative. All around, he’s politically creative. Something we need. Some may be scared of his party affiliation. I’m not. Look around us. It’s not a time for party names. It’s not a time for games. Justin is his own man, and he’s not afraid to be exactly that. Justin has my full backing for state representative, and I hope this letter makes sure he now has yours. Let’s elect Justin.

John Kordak


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Posted by: Jeff Sukeforth | Apr 12, 2018 12:28

Mr. Wylie, reference the petition to keep mega ships out of Rockland.  First and foremost I am not a resident of Rockland so do not have a stake in this, but my question is what is the issue with a ship coming in, offloading passengers and those passengers buying local products. I do not know of a coastal town in the mid coast which does not rely heavily on the tourist dollar to make a decent living. So what is next, stopping vehicles from entering the boundaries of Rockland and not allowing those tourists to spend their money? If it comes to the point of your not allowing cruise passengers to spend their money then please no whining from residents when the tourist dollars are not as much as they had planned on.

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