Council candidates to face questions from public Oct. 19

Oct 07, 2016
Source: File

Rockland — The four candidates for two seats on the Rockland City Council are scheduled to meet for a forum Wednesday, Oct. 19, at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

The candidates night will allow the public to ask questions of the candidates.

Vying for the two seats are Stephen Carroll, former Harbormaster Ed Glaser, former Mayor Brian Harden, and incumbent Councilor Larry Pritchett.

Each candidate will offer an opening statement, followed by questions from the public and ending with closing statements from the four.

The event is expected to be broadcast live on the public access channel 22.Questions may be emailed to; however, questions from citizens in attendance will have priority.

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Posted by: David E Myslabodski | Oct 07, 2016 21:06

OUT with the OLD!   IN with the NEW!


Rockland needs TWO new independent people in council. Once they get seated, the new council most stop all the drama and baloney that has been going on for over two years at city hall.


Today Rockland does not have experienced and responsible City Manager nor Finance Director but the present members of council want to "stick it" to The People by bonding $14.6 Million. Never mind that the wish-list is about $25 Million!!!


Unless we have new independent people that will work as administrators and not as politicians, passing the bonds on November 8 and giving $14.6 Million to city hall would be like giving cash to a bunch of junkies!!!


Let us first have responsible people in city hall, then let them look at the bonds. The People can vote for the bonds June 2017




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