Corrections commissioner accepts New York City post

Mar 11, 2014

Augusta — Maine Department of Corrections Commissioner Joseph Ponte has accepted a position as New York City’s Department of Correction Commissioner.

The city of New York Office of the Mayor’s press release announcing Commissioner Ponte’s appointment said, “As Commissioner of the Maine DOC, Ponte instituted reforms that reduced the use of solitary confinement by two-thirds, and completely eliminated the use of disciplinary segregation for people identified as mentally ill. He will be charged with overhauling the city’s corrections system: ending the overuse of solitary confinement, curtailing officers’ use of excessive force, and improving resources to handle the mentally ill.”

Neither a new Maine Department of Corrections Commissioner, nor an acting Department of Corrections Commissioner has been announced.

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Posted by: Jim Gamage | Mar 11, 2014 20:35

I like what Commissioner Ponte did to change the work release program.  He took a different approach to rehabilitation through working at paying jobs in the community as well as volunteer jobs.  It made an impact both in the community and for the individuals.  Not to mention putting $$ back into the system.  I am in hopes that this sort of outside the box thinking will continue with his replacement.  Thank you Mr. Ponte.  Good luck in your new position.

Posted by: Maine DOC | Mar 11, 2014 17:33

Done his damage here in Maine! Time to spread the wealth to a larger system and see how many people will get murdered in New York City's jail system. It will be interesting to see the statistics there after three years (If they put up with it that long) and compare it to now?! Where and how did LePage find this guy? Can LePage find another like him? I bet he can! And we say we don't have a death penalty here in Maine!??

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