Congratulations and thank you to agencies protecting watershed

By The Camden Herald Editorial Board | Oct 11, 2018

Coastal Mountains Land Trust and its partners, including Maine Water Co., deserve congratulations and gratitude from the Midcoast community upon reaching two major milestones recently.

The most important is the completion of a conservation easement permanently protecting 786 acres of land owned by the water company, which will protect our watershed and the water source for many of Knox County's largest municipalities.

This effort was especially impressive because the water company has a filtration system in place that meant it was not strictly required to conserve this land to meet water quality standards. This land could have been targeted for development, but instead, the Maine Water Co. has chosen to make land conservation and the long-term protection of the watershed its greatest priority.

In addition, the land trust has chosen a contractor to begin the first phase of the Round the Mountain Trail, which will increase public access to the land for recreational activities including hiking, mountain biking and snow-shoeing. This is going to contribute to drawing visitors to the area, increasing their access to the natural beauty that Midcoast Maine is known for and provide health benefits to the individuals who take advantage of this trail. The trail will go around Ragged Mountain with access in Rockport and at the Camden Snow Bowl.

These accomplishments are the direct result of years of work and a spirit of collaboration between many groups and individuals, including the Coastal Mountains Land Trust, the water company, Maine Coast Heritage Trust, local municipalities and numerous outdoor recreation groups.

Good work and we look forward to watching as this effort continues.


The value of local candidate debates and forums

The Union Area Chamber of Commerce is to be commended for hosting a candidates' night Oct. 4 that posed questions on important issues to several candidates running for House and Senate seats locally.

Republicans Rep. Paula Sutton of Warren, Rep. Abden Simmons of Waldoboro, and Sen. Dana Dow of Waldoboro debated the issues with Independent Jeffrey Evangelos of Friendship, Democratic Sen. David Miramant of Camden and Independent William Pluecker of Warren.

Each of these candidates are individuals who have stepped up and offered to serve their communities. They are authentic people trying to do what they think is best. Some spoke with great passion and offered educated, articulate arguments. Some were more folksy. We learned something of value from each of them listening to the debate and we have learned something interviewing all of the candidates for our voter guide, which was published in this week's edition of The Courier-Gazette, The Camden Herald and The Republican Journal newspapers. Those candidate profiles, along with video interviews with most of the candidates, will be available Oct. 11 at and

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting the candidates and hearing their views.

We, and we are sure, the Union debate organizers too, would have liked a bigger turnout for this event. There is a tremendous value to attending local debates and candidate forums to hear the candidates for yourself. We would also encourage candidates in the future to step up and participate in interviews offered by your local newspapers and to participate in as many candidate forums and debates as possible.

Readers, we urge you to educate yourself before Election Day Nov. 6, and be sure you get out and vote!

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