Common Home Problems and Solutions

By Jennifer Noble | Mar 05, 2018

You’re bound to experience home problems soon or later. Some of those problems require a handyman, while others can be fixed easily without any need for additional help. Before rushing to someone for help, you should see if it’s a problem that you can solve yourself. This will not only save your money, but time as well. Here are some common home problems and solutions.

Clogged Drains

There might be some places in your house where a clogged drain is not a problem. However, sinks and bathtubs that are used regularly should have a good drain. If the water takes too long to drain and stays in the sink during usage, it can help different bacteria grow and spread. To fix this issue, there's an old and simple solution – using a plunger. Use a plunger to improve the waterflow. Keep in mind that it was made specifically for clogged drains.

However, if you can’t seem to solve this problem, you shouldn’t wait too long before calling a plumber. If a drain is clogged it means something is stuck in pipes. Excess hair, food remains, and different objects could get stuck and form a clog that’s nearly impossible to remove with a plunger. If you noticed that you've been using a plunger often lately, consult your local plumber.


Heaters and radiators are sources of warmth. Bad window isolation can lead to too much energy escaping the house. Therefore, one of the common problems that happen in the house is when it’s cold despite your heating working properly. Check your windows to see if the rubber seal is damaged or worn out. Remember that replacing the seals is cheap, so you’ll easily fix this issue.

Another common problem is window condensation. During the summer it can leave drops and stains from the inside of a window, while during the winter it can even fill up with a large amount of water. Calling a handyman is necessary in this situation. Even though you might be able to fix the problem, it may already be too late to have a window fixed. It's definitely easier to have someone tell you straight away whether your window needs to be replaced.


Nothing is worse than a sound of a squeaking door. However, that sound is a good indicator of a bigger problem. If the problem lies in hinges, then there's an easy solution. Either replace the hinges or lubricate them. It's a quick fix, but if you notice that your doors are squeaky again, the problem might not be the hinges.

Check if the door is damaged. Any sort of "scars" could be indicators of rot and moisture. If the door absorbs moisture, it becomes heavier and it can bend the hinges. Putting stronger hinges on could be a temporary solution, but the best way to solve the problem is by getting a new door. Pests are a common problem as well. If that's the case with your house, you should contact a pest control company.

Peeling paint

When the wall painting starts to peel, it's probably time for a new paint job. However, this shouldn't happen anytime soon after a repaint. If you see the paint is peeling again despite the fact that it’s been six months after you repainted the house, it's definitely a humidity problem.

The only thing left to do is find the source of humidity and fix it. Sometimes humidity comes from the attic and could imply that your roof is damaged. A quick fix would be putting a pot under the leak. However, it's necessary to repair your roof as soon as possible. Another problem could be the humidity of the room. If your room is too humid, the problem is in ventilation. Clean the vents and check for any irregularities.

Grout mold

Grout mold mostly occurs in bathrooms. Letting mold spread can lead to health issues and an ugly sight. To fix this problem you’ll need to use something to clean the grouts. There are different chemicals that can be used for this. However, there's also a natural recipe that can help. Pour some citric acid in a bucket with water and scrub the grouts with a mop. Don't stop until you can't see the mold anymore.


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