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Committee to explore broadband Internet access for all town residents

By Susan Mustapich | Dec 24, 2019

LINCOLNVILLE — Town officials are exploring options for providing high-speed broadband Internet services to 100 percent of Lincolnville residents.

The Board of Selectmen approved the Broadband Committee charge Dec. 23.

Their first step is to form a Broadband Committee charged with several goals. These are to seek confirmation that the goal of 100 percent broadband access is supported by the community; to document what areas of the town are currently served by broadband infrastructure and where there are gaps in service or sub-par service and to explore available options to provide broadband to underserved areas.

The committee will review town procedures, policies, rules and ordinances that might affect the expansion of broadband service or increase the cost of infrastructure development, and to identify any actions the town can take to advance the expansion. The committee will also coordinate education and outreach.

The final charge for the committee is to recommend to the Board of Selectmen a course of action it believes is in the best interest of the town as a whole, no later than June 10.

Selectmen are seeking committee members who are permanent or seasonal residents of Lincolnville, interested in the stated purpose of exploring broadband expansion options.

Lincolnville is in a unique position within the state, because about 75 percent of residents have access to high speed fiber optic cable belonging to local Internet provider LCI.

LCI has run 41 miles of fiber optic through the town, providing 1,020 households with access to high speed data, voice and video services. The remaining 338 households either have no Internet access or poor Internet service that uses older copper wire technology.

Of the 1,020 household, 46 percent are current customers of LCI O.P.E.N. fiber network, according to the company. Another 542 households have the option of connecting to the fiber optic service.

On Nov. 12, an LCI representative asked town officials to assist the company in laying another 26 miles of fiber optic cable to provide access to the approximately 338 underserved households. LCI is asking town officials to support the company's application for a a Connect Me state grant, by helping obtain signatures on a petition supporting the proposal from at least 50 percent of the 338 households and to ask residents interested in fiber optic service to fill out pre-applications with LCI.

On Dec. 9, Selectmen discussed the LCI proposal. Some Selectmen said they were aware numerous town residents are dissatisfied with LCI's current service. LCI Marketing and Sales Director Alan Hinsey said at the time that most service complaints are from customers using the older DSL copper wire technology. Selectmen  agreed they needed to look at the town's options and first hear from residents before moving forward with any proposals for fiber optic expansion.

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Comments (3)
Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Dec 26, 2019 13:34

Well said carol and love and a Merry for the Holidays!

Posted by: ananur forma | Dec 25, 2019 22:07

Hi Dale, Years ago a psychic friend told me and others, "There will come a time when someone will say, "Here have a piece of blueberry pie. You look. You wonder. You KNOW it is apple pie. Do you trust your self or trust what someone is telling you even though it is not correct? That time is here. People need to think for themselves and trust what they know in their hearts to be truth. Now is the time to think not space out and let everyone else figure it out. We are fortunate to have computers to do research and study and feel and think what is true and what is not. remember just recently Johnson and Johnson being sued for baby powder not being up to standard? Who in the world would think a baby focused company would do something that could harm a baby? Big corporation have no heart and soul. Money is their god. This is all twisted up and confused. I live life to be happy joyful and trusting. These times are not promoting that. Hackers destroy trust - make us nervous, well I need speak for myself Ananur - I get nervous.I don't answer the phone unless I hear a voice that I recognize. That is not how I choose to live my life however, I must be careful, or my phone becomes a robotic telemarketer. yikes. I choose love. I choose friendship. I choose to care.

I choose not to back down from rejecting the 120 ft. cell tower here there and everywhere. Ahh, a Beatles tune.

Posted by: ananur forma | Dec 25, 2019 08:57

Has anyone done any research to find out about radiation emitted?

google "side effects fiber optics"  to find out, might not be

but need to do some research first, in my humble opinion.

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