Committee ponders plans to pay for amphitheater

Option: donor pays to put name on amphitheater
By Daniel Dunkle | Feb 25, 2014
Courtesy of: Gartley & Dorsky This plan for Rockland's Harbor Park shows the amphitheater on the hill behind the Fishermen's Memorial stage and the proposed 32-foot-wide boardwalk extension on the sea wall.

Rockland — The Harbor Park Redesign Committee met Feb. 24 to consider ways to fund a proposed new amphitheater and extension of the boardwalk.

One idea is to allow a donor, be it a company or individual, that pays for the majority of the project to put its name on the amphitheater.

Community Development Director John Holden brought this idea to the committee, which has been looking for a way to improve Harbor Park, which hosts the Maine Lobster Festival, Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors, and the North Atlantic Blues Festival each year.

One question raised in the meeting was how much a donor would have to pay to earn the naming rights. Would it be 51 percent of the project costs or even 100 percent?

Attending the meeting were City Councilor Eric Hebert, Harbormaster Ed Glaser, engineer Will Gartley of Gartley & Dorsky, Chuck Kruger of the Maine Lobster Festival, Tyler Smith of Bay View Management (representing the interests of the proposed Rockland Harbor Park Inn), Dave Getchell Jr. of Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors and Mayor Larry Pritchett.

The general concept, as it stands now, is to build an amphitheater, rising in tiers of granite seats, into the hill behind the Fishermen's Memorial Stage. The theater would include two sets of steps leading up the hill.

The plan includes 5 feet of grass between each row of granite seats to provide plenty of room. People could sit on the granite seats during events, or they could be provided cushions upon arriving for concerts, Kruger suggested at the meeting.

This would provide seating for up to 750 on the hill, according to committee members. The stage would be redone at some point as part of the project. The plan is to keep the stage close to where it is now, but seating in lawn chairs brought by concert-goers would be allowed on both sides.

Kruger said Rockland would still be a relatively small concert venue with the added seating, unable to host the numbers seen at outdoor spaces in Portland and Bangor. However, the hill is already being utilized for seating during the Blues Festival and other events. The rest of the year, the amphitheater would serve as a nice place to sit and enjoy the view of the harbor during lunch hour or a picnic.

The committee also considered asking businesses and individuals in the community to pay to have their names engraved on individual seats in the amphitheater.

Holden said the plan will increase both the parking and the green space at Harbor Park.

The plan also calls for extending the boardwalk from the public landing, across to the Pearl. The original vision was for a 32-foot-wide boardwalk. That was scaled back to 12-feet-wide, with the idea of building it in phases as the funding became available, and eventually reaching the 32-foot size in a later phase.

The original boardwalk in front of Boston Financial cost about $800,000 to build, committee members said.

Glaser noted that if the new hotel is built on Ocean Street, more people will be coming off the boardwalk into Harbor Park, headed to the downtown. The boardwalk project will be important for guiding pedestrian traffic in that area.

Holden started the meeting by providing some background. The city had applied for a grant earlier to help fund the boardwalk extension, but had been unsuccessful due to cuts in federal funding. So, the city is now looking for other ways to fund the project.

Holden said the project is a high priority for the Midcoast Economic Development District, and funding may be available in the future through the federal Economic Development Administration.

He said he will come back to the committee in six to eight weeks with more ideas for funding the Harbor Park improvements.

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Comments (6)
Posted by: Edward D Flanagan | Feb 26, 2014 19:49

I'm all for an amphitheater.  This one is far to dumbed down for producers to consider bringing major label artists to town.  750 people on the hill is nice, especially for local events, why not use all the space in front of the Fishermans pier as well. A different plan that perhaps sits the stage back by the water (think blues fest) would serve the community better by increasing the crowd capacity, and put Rockland on the map as an option for major label artists. You could set up chairs as needed. The city could manage this and open up a new source of revenue.  I just don't want something to be built that producers can't consider because of limited capacity.  That would be a waste of money.

Posted by: Amanda Parten | Feb 25, 2014 23:47

I think between the idea of an amphitheater and a new hotel, Rockland could be easily "put on the map" for more tourism. Which in turn, means more money for small mom and pop shops! I am all for it!

Posted by: Valli Genevieve Geiger | Feb 25, 2014 19:20

I have often thought that this park should be fixed up. The amphitheater sounds nice, but I am especially interested in the sidewalk being widened and adding street lamps, flowers, and benches, so people can both stroll and sit. It should also be connected to the boardwalk. We have waterfront, we should make it a beautiful destination point for both tourists and locals. Nice work Harbor Commission!

Posted by: Jon Koski | Feb 25, 2014 15:10

This sounds like a nice improvement.  One concern I have with projects such as this is the maintenance cost going forward.  In the future the boardwalk will require a huge amount of money for repairs.  A plan needs to be put in place now to fund future maintenance cost.  Landing fee's from cruise ships would be a good start.  Nothing is free.

Posted by: David E Myslabodski | Feb 25, 2014 13:47

What am I missing here . . . .

The Brass Compass has been hammered time and again for renting space for tables at the corner of Main & Park. The corner is a memorial for two brave Rocklanders . . .

Harbor Park is a memorial for ALL Rocklanders lost at sea and now the Harbor Commission wants to bring a Corporation and build an amphitheater [I did not know we needed one!]

Sure thing; some businesses would like to see our city become another Bar Harbor. But having the Harbor Commission conveniently forget our fishermen/women lost at sea takes the cake!


Posted by: Sonja Sleeper | Feb 25, 2014 13:21

No, No and No.  Why change the park?  That is a memorial and it is traditional.  Do not need another liberalesque piece of crap design at high cost to cut into the history of this city.


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