Come one come all tonight (Monday)  January 6 to City Council 5:30pm Rockland Maine. Saturn and Pluto...

Jan 06, 2020

Yes, Saturn and Pluto invite you to observe or take action in your very own city activities. Saturn and Pluto have to do with control and dictatorship and authority figures. Our reps are representing us. if we don't show up for issues that are breaking our hearts then we have no leg to stand on or in plain English: no right to complain.

Since day one when these 2 planets got together (conjunct) they have brought about unfair governance. We must gather our wits about us and be participants. I'm aiming for encouraging the planning board and city council to make public their agendas ahead of time. Public notice in Courier, ok, but not enough information about the agenda, in fact none only what deserves or rather demands to be read as "Public Notice."  Perhaps the the agenda is on the city website? I find their website hard to navigate. Could be me. I'm very low tech. Tonight Valli Geiger will present an ordinance to stop cell towers from proposing sites on Rte. 1 and next to neighborhoods! This is extremely important. You don't want a 120 ft. cell tower next to your house, do you...I sure don't.

I'm going to the mtg. in less than one hour. I hope and pray that you will come too.

Tomorrow is January 7th the day of the site review and then planning board mtg. to discuss and hear the public outcry against the proposed cell tower to be built (NO!) next to Pizza Hut. We need your support. Please come to that mtg. and make your appearance or speak out at the podium against this outrageous proposal." All for One and One for all," a slogan from "The Three Musketeers."

NEXT Meeting February 4 at 5:15pm Pls. come!!!


Saturn and Pluto can get control as a governing body that is  if we the people remain complacent. Don't let that happen. I don't want to live in a dictatorship and if I sit back and do nothing.......well you know how it goes. We all must do what we can in our own towns, cities, states. do our best. Give it a shot. Well ? What do you think?


**NEXT Planning board mtg. to discuss the proposed cell tower next to Pizza Hut is February 4 Tuesday at 5:15 p.m. sharp. please come!!!***

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Posted by: ananur forma | Jan 07, 2020 11:29

Thank you J & J ...............the positive energy you are directing towards me is helping!

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