Collision kills SUV passenger, seriously injures another

By Matt Bryne, staff writer, Portland Press Herald | Aug 02, 2017
Courtesy of: Portland Press Herald/Chris Chase A two-car crash in Bath Aug. 1 sent three to the hospital Aug. 1 and forced a road closure.

Bath — A 31-year-old man from Tenants Harbor died in a car crash Tuesday, Aug. 1, in Bath after he was ejected from the vehicle and struck a concrete abutment, suffering massive head injuries, Bath police said.

Sheldon Curtis was riding in the front seat of a 2001 Jeep Cherokee when it collided with a 2015 GMC Sierra pickup truck at the southbound on-ramp from Leeman Highway leading to Route 1 and Middle Street.

The driver of the Cherokee, Travis Robbins, 28, of Rockland, failed to obey a stop sign, made a left turn, and was struck by the pickup.

A total of four people were in the two vehicles at the time of the crash – three in the Cherokee and the driver of the Sierra – and none were wearing seat belts, police said.

All four were transported to area hospitals. Curtis was pronounced dead about an hour after the crash at Maine Medical Center.

A second passenger in the Cherokee, William H. Gerrish, 63, of Old Orchard Beach, received serious injuries.

Bath police are continuing to investigate the crash, and no one had been cited or charged as of Aug. 2.

“Although it is impossible to say with complete certainty that the use of a seat belt would have saved Mr. Curtis, we believe his chances of survival would have been increased dramatically if he was wearing one,” said Bath Police Lt. Robert Savary. “We can’t stress enough that all motorists (drivers and passengers) should always wear their seat belts. They most definitely save lives and it’s the law.”

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Posted by: Nina Reed | Aug 04, 2017 11:44

Dale-there is 1 truck I meet up with most everyday, sometimes twice, between my commute from Northport to Rockland. This truck is one with a bucket on the top and is about medium sized for that type of truck. I cannot count how many times I have had very close calls with him, driving on my side of the road, swerving, etc. If he would slow down enough for me to get the name painted on the side I would call the police. Even East Fork Road in Camden, which is very narrow, not well lit, and has a slow downward grade and speed limit of only 35 mph is no stop for him. ~Melanie Keene

Posted by: Dale Hayward | Aug 04, 2017 09:22

Some accidents are NOT accidental. Recently I have witnessed two Dead River trucks, one propane and one tractor trailer blow red lights here in Rockland. Scares the hooty out of you, did me. I called the company and let them know. There is no excuse for some accidents.

Posted by: Nina Reed | Aug 03, 2017 05:03

That should have said-careful ~Melanie Keene

Posted by: Nina Reed | Aug 03, 2017 05:03

Mark, you especially have to be care of female drivers-after that statement!  ;) ~Melanie Keene

Posted by: Mark Haskell | Aug 02, 2017 22:51

I had an accident at that same spot in about 1976 or 77.  Girl on her way to take her drivers test ran that stop sign.  did everything I could to not T-Bone her.   When we stopped I ran to her and had to reach in and turn her engine off, she still had her foot on the gas, tires spinning  and she was hysterically  screaming her lungs out.  No one was really hurt thank God.  After it was all over a cop said to me,  you don't seam too upset.  I said, I'm mad as hell, but look at that poor girl.  What can I do?     Had five accidents in less then 1 1/2 years, ALL caused by female drivers!  Two when my vehicle was parked!    Be careful out there! 

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