Coffee Options in Amsterdam

By Frank Coutinho | May 12, 2018
Photo by: Pexels If you love coffee, you will love Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. Many people from around the world try to see this city at least once in their lives. Amsterdam is famous for its beautiful and scenic spots. However, only a few know that Amsterdam is not merely loved for its wonderful tourist attractions. It is also well known for its many coffee shops.


Amsterdam offers hundreds of welcoming and relaxing coffee shops. Tourism continues to bloom with the help of many coffee shops in the state. Every type of coffee shop can be found here, along with brightly painted psychedelic colors and loud music. The more popular coffee shops are located in the canal city districts, and by the suburbs. The city tourist center offers an easy guide to finding the best coffee shops in the city. There are direct stops to familiarize one with the spoken and unspoken rules inside.


There are a few verbal and non-verbal rules that every customer should consider upon entering the casual ambiance of Amsterdam's coffee shops. Here are some of them:


Shops often check if visitors have IDs being that you should be 18 and above. Coffee shops rarely sell alcoholic liquors, for they have no license. Some prefer to sell beer. It is not acceptable to bring your own liquor inside the premises. Visitors can bring their own bag to smoke as long as you buy food or drinks at the shop. Selling goods and loitering are not allowed inside.


Amsterdam coffee shops are not just a place where you can sip a cup of coffee, but also a place where you can legally purchase or openly sell small amounts of cannabis, such as marijuana (for personal use). Smoking is also allowed inside the premises.


Most shops sell pre-weighed bags at 5, 10, and 12.5, usually amounting to about 25 euros. Some will even weigh the goods during the course of the transaction.

One of the most popular coffeeshop Holland in the Amsterdam American Hotel is Café Americain. It is a renowned café for celebrities. They are famous for their seasonal items and great services. The building structure is one of the most historical monuments in Europe.


In many countries around the world, the trend of meeting for coffee or gathering at a coffee house to socialize has grown at a very quickly. The Dutch go against the curve, however, with most people consuming coffee in the home.


Although ‘trendy’ coffee bars are growing in popularity in Holland, only 30% of Dutch people drink coffee outside of their own home. Even then, most of the coffee consummation when you’re not at home is when you’re at work. Although in the Netherlands, coffee breaks are taken very seriously (up there with the likes of the Spanish siesta) and are considered to be a key part of the working day.


One area that has seen real growth among the Dutch market are coffee pods (like the ones George Clooney drinks). Although in Holland, they’re called ‘pads.’


We’ve already discovered that the Dutch like to have their coffee readily available, already made and ready to pour. In fact, you’ll often see signs outside shops that say, “coffee is ready,” so people know they’re not waiting for someone to make it. So, it’s easy to see why pod-using coffee machines have become popular in Holland: minimal preparation, low brewing times, and easy cleanup — simply throw the pod away. This gives Dutch people the best of both worlds: good tasting coffee, and the convenience of quick coffee.

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