Coast Guard Auxiliary performs navigation mission

Jun 05, 2014
Auxiliarist Ellie Sawyer of Newport, checks the water depth using a handheld sonar device while Auxiliarist Nancy Plunkett of Camden, checks the ATON position using one of the Coast Guard's new GPS units. These readings are used to compare with the information on the USCG Light List and any discrepancies are corrected by the Coast Guard within a matter of hours.

Lincolnville — U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary members from the Belfast and Rockland Flotillas performed a Maritime Operations Mission of checking Aids to Ocean Navigation in Camden and Belfast harbors and at Lincolnville Beach June 4.

Ensuring safe navigation by verifying that channel markers, buoys and other aids are in the proper positions in coastal waters and in serviceable condition is an important mission of the U.S. Coast Guard and the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

According to Auxiliarist Nancy Plunkett of Camden, who led the mission, “Commercial and pleasure vessels rely on these aids, both federal and private for safe navigation, particularly in avoiding hazards and for safe entry into harbors. Ensuring that these aids are absolutely correct is crucial.”

Participating Auxiliary members included Coxswain Steve MacKrecky and Auxiliarist Eleanor Sawyer of the Belfast Flotilla as well as Auxiliarists Nancy Plunkett and Dave Turner of the Rockland Flotilla.

Further missions to verify Aids to Ocean Navigation and Private Aids to Ocean Navigation are planned for this summer along all areas of the Maine coast.

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