By Bill Packard

We had a wicked windy, nasty night last night.  Yes it was very warm for January, but still it sounded wild from inside my house.  I woke up once in the night and knew the power was off, but this morning all was normal.  Walking by a flashing clock a little bit ago, I saw that the power was off for 2 hours and 28 minutes.  2 hours and 28 minutes in the middle of a windy night!

I know other areas were harder hit and I'm not minimizing their situation, but while we can be quick to complain when the power goes out, I think the line crews do a remarkable job.  When I was in the fire service, we would respond to wires down and other similar calls.  Always in the worst weather. Anytime, day or night, the CMP person, it used to be a crew, would show up pretty quickly, but more importantly go right to work to restore power.  There are 8668.8 hours in a year that my power could be on and it usually is.  I can get by just fine for 2 hours and 28 minutes every once in a while.  Thanks to the CMP line crews for doing what they do!

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