C'mon, Maine -- we're better than this

By Ralph Wallace | Sep 13, 2018

With respect to the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination, we are being told by the fringe left that this highly qualified jurist, who is a loving husband and dedicated father of two girls, is an evil misogynist who will single-handedly overturn Roe v. Wade and who has ruled that women can be forced to have an abortion. Further, we are now informed that 223 Maine attorneys have supported this “stop Kavanaugh” campaign by signing a protest letter to Sens. Collins and King.

Let me shine a light of scrutiny upon this sad campaign. Do a little research on these spurious claims, as I have done. Use the search engine of your choice, and you will discover the following. This “misogynist” has the complete support of the 25 women he appointed as clerks in his career. They are quick to point out that they were mentored with the greatest respect, and that they outnumbered the 23 men appointed as clerks during the same period. Now, “overturn Roe”? He has stated unequivocally that Roe is settled law, and contrary to the opinions of some mainstream media “experts,” this, indeed, does carry significant legal weight. “Settled law” indicates profound respect for the veracity of the law in question. Further, it is a canard to state that one justice on the court can overturn a law. Not only does this claim falsely assume the overturning of settled law, it ignores the fact that there are nine judges on the court -- only a majority of whom can make a final judgment.

The “forced abortion” claim is almost not worthy of a response. This is such a vile claim that Snopes gives it a “simply false” rating. The claim is based upon an opinion by Kavanaugh on an injunction regarding a person who was previously determined to be “never competent” and who was the subject of a prior case not heard before Kavanaugh.

Now let us look at those protesting Maine attorneys. Without questioning the personal and political motives of these lawyers, are we to believe that each of the signees has scrutinized the extraordinary record of the nominee? Does their petition stand up to the collective membership of the American Bar Association, which rates Kavanaugh “well qualified"? Or if you want just to stack up numbers, how about the 26 state attorneys general who fully support the nominee, or the 160 faculty and members of the very liberal Yale University community who support him?

All of the responses I have given can be easily checked out on the records found by a simple online search.

Finally, please observe the positions taken by those who debate the Kavanaugh nomination. The progressive left demands that our senators, Collins and King, reject the Kavanaugh appointment out of hand – without even considering the results of the forthcoming Senate hearings. On the other side, conservatives, of which I am one, do not demand blind decision-making in confirming him. We simply ask that the senators do their constitutional responsibility and make their decisions after careful deliberation. Can that be too much to ask?

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Posted by: Kendall Merriam | Sep 17, 2018 09:54

Kudos to Holland's comment. Additionally, "settled law" is settled until it isn't. Also, Kavanaugh is now being accused, by what appears to be a possible credible source, of sexual assault when he was an adolescent. This accusation needs full, public senate hearings, especially in the era of the #metoo movement. A lifetime appointment needs the full review of the life of the nominee. The "fringe left" the column writer refers to advocates for affordable health care for all Americans (we are way behind all other developed countries); living wages for all; an end to the war on womens' reproductive lives; an end to police brutality toward unarmed Black men; etc., etc. If all of these points are "fringy", I embrace them.

Posted by: Katherine Holland | Sep 14, 2018 18:40

Because people do not agree with your assessment of Kavanaugh's track record, the lack of openness about his published papers, his lack of forthrightness in answering questions, you have labelled them "the progressive left" or "the fringe left." How about the logical, informed citizen voters who are expecting acumen, nonpartisanship and astuteness from their U.S. Senators? Please recall the demand for the full written records of Sonia Sotomayor during her confirmation hearings and contrast it to the unmet requests for the full written records of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Frankly, access to a complete history of a judge's rulings is critical to a full understanding of the underlying outlook of a potential justice, an aspect that is particularly critical since this is a lifetime appointment. Why is the demand acceptable for one justice but not another?

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