CLC YMCA gymnasts win Northeast regional championships

By Staff | May 23, 2014

Glastonbury, Conn. — Central Lincoln County YMCA gymnasts who qualified set off for the Northeast Regional YMCA meet earlier this month to compete against teams from New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maine.

Maddy Russ, 10, of Damariscotta finished first for Level 5, ages 9-10. With a 37.2 all-around, Russ was the uneven bars champion with a near perfect 9.7 and floor champion with a 9.5.

In the same age category, Reed Gulden, 10, of Walpole earned the balance beam regional championship's top spot by performing a stunning routine. She earned a 9.55. She also was second on vault at 8.95 and floor exercise at 9.3. Gulden finished just behind her teammate for second with an all-around, 37.15.

Emma Hall, 12, of Damariscotta exploded off the vault to become the regional champion with a 9.475 and finished  third on the floor exercise with a 9.3 and with an impressive second all-around.

“This team has had amazing results against the largest field of competitors in the meet’s history," said CLC coach Janice Cormier-Hay. "The girls continued to put up personal-best scores and even those who did not climb the podium had the meets of their lives. Coach Betsy Lee and I are very proud of their hard work and grace under a lot of pressure."

Other meet highlights included: Katie Colomb of Alna (Level 6) placed second on beam; Madi Bradbury of Bristol (Xcel gold) tied for fourth on both the vault and beam; Emily Kelsey of Bristol (Xcel gold) came in third on vault; Erica Johnson of Nobleboro (Level 4) came in second on vault, fourth on bars and tied for fifth on floor; Dakota Gregory of Newcastle (Level 4) tied for fifth on both uneven bars and balance beam; Elizabeth Rethman of Newcastle (Level 4) came in fourth on both vault and uneven bars and fifth on both balance beam and floor exercise.

Level 3, age 8 — Reece Instasi of Waldoboro, finished 8.875 on vault (7th), 7.575 on bars (14th), 8.225 on beam (12th), 8.6 on floor (8th, tie) and 16th all-around at 33.275.

Level 3, age 9 — Kayla Reardon of South Thomaston finished 8.7 on vault (10th), 8.7 on bars (17th), 8.9 on beam (10th), 8.4 on floor and 16th all-around with a score of 34.7.

Level 3, age 12 and up — Molly Taylor of Washington finished 8.45 on vault (15th), 9.0 on bars (7th), 7.1 on beam (17th), 8.55 on floor (15th) and 18th all-around at 33.1.

Level 4, age 7-8 — Elizabeth Rethman of Newcastle finished 8.05 on vault (4th), 8.6 on bars (4th), 8.85 on beam (5th), 8.5 on floor (5th) and fourth all-around at 34.

Level 4, age 9 — Erica Johnson of Nobleboro finished 9.025 on vault (2nd), 9.35 on bars (4th), 8.95 on beam (8th), 9.325 on floor (5th, tied) and fifth all-around at 36.65.

Dakota Gregory of Newcastle finished 8.6 on vault (7th), 9.3 on bars (5th, tie), 9.2 on beam (5th, tie), 9.1 on floor (7th) and seventh all-around at 36.2.

Level 4, age 10 — Chloe Achorn of Bremen finished 8.25 on vault (9th, tie), 22nd on bars, 8.225 on beam (14th, tied), 8.35 on floor (14th) and 21st all-around.

Level 4, age 13 — Leah Wilcox of Warren finished 8.025 on vault (17th), 8.55 on bars (8th, tied), 8.9 on beam (10th), 8.5 on floor (13th) and 12th all-around at 33.975.

Level 5, age 9-10 — Maddy Russ of Damariscotta finished 8.75 on vault (4th, tied), 9.7 on bars (1st), 9.25 on beam (5th), 9.5 on floor (1st) and first all-around at 37.2.

Reed Gulden of Walpole finished 8.95 on vault (2nd), 9.35 on bars (5th), 9.55 on beam (1st), 9.3 on floor (2nd) and second all-around at 37.15.

Level 6, age 12 — Emma Hall of Damariscotta finished 9.475 on vault (1st), 8.725 on bars (5th), 8.8 on beam (8th), 9.3 on floor (3rd) and second all-around at 36.3.

Level 6, age 13 — Katie Colomb of Alna finished 8.4 on vault (11th), 8.8 on bars (2nd), 8.4 on beam (9th), 8.525 on floor (13th) and ninth all-around at 34.125.

Excel gold, age 9-11 — Madison Bradbury of Bristol finished 9.0 on vault (4th), 8.35 on bars (9th), 8.875 on beam (4th), 9.05 on floor (6th) and seventh all-around at 35.275.

Emily Kelsey of Bristol finished 9.225 on vault (3rd), 8.15 on bars (11th), 7.725 on beam (13th), 8.6 on floor (11th) and 13th all-around at 33.7.

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