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CLC gymnasts bring home bling from state championships

By Staff | Apr 09, 2014
Courtesy of: Liz Hall From left, Dakota Gregory, Erica Johnson, Elizabeth Rethman and Chloe Achorn show their flowers, medals and trophies from the USAG meet.

Waterville — The United States Association of Gymnastics (USAG) held its season’s championship event Sunday, April 6 where all nine gyms and 200 gymnasts competed for trophies and the title of state champion.

The Central Lincoln County gymnastics team competed against teams from Waterville, Maine Academy of Gymnastics of Westbrook, Dudziak’s Gymnastics of Biddeford, Gymnastion of Kennebunk, North Atlantic Gymnastics Academy of Rockport, Andy Valley from Lewiston Auburn, Springers of Ellsworth and Leaps and Bounds of Fairfield.

“This weekend our girls competed against the best gymnasts in the state and had an excellent showing,” said  CLC coach Janice Cormier-Hay.

Highlights of the meet were Kadence Rogers (Level 2), who became the all-around state champion; Sarah Goldrup (Level 2), who earned a state championship on uneven parallel bars and balance beam; Kayla Reardon (Level 3), who scored a 9.25 on bars; Erica Johnson (Level 4), the state vault champion; Maddy Russ (Level 5), the vault and floor exercise state champion; and Emma Hall (Level 6), the state bars champion.

The individual CLC results were:

Level 2 — Kadence Rogers of Nobleboro finished 8.5 on vault (1st), 8.0 on bars (2nd), 9.025 on beam (2nd), 9.3 on floor (1st), and first all-around at 34.825.

Sarah Goldrup of Waldoboro finished 8.2 on vault (2nd), 8.6 on bars (1st), 9.1 on beam (1st), 8.625 on floor (2nd) and second all-around at 34.525.

Level 3 — Reece Instasi of Waldoboro finished 8.9 on vault (4th), 8.1 on bars (6th), 8.675 on beam (6th), 7.9 on floor (6th) and seventh all-around at 33.575.

Kayla Reardon of South Thomaston finished 8.4 on vault (13th), 9.725 on bars (3rd), 7.85 on beam (11th), 8.4 on floor (7th, tie) and eighth all-around at 34.375.

Level 4 — Elizabeth Rethman of Newcastle finished 8.3 on vault (4th), 8.675 on bars (3rd), 8.9 on beam (3rd), 8.85 on floor (3rd) and fourth all around at 34.725.

Erica Johnson of Nobleboro finished 8.7 on vault (1st), 8.3 on bars (6th), 9.025 on beam (4th), 8.6 on floor (6th) and fifth all-around at 34.625.

Dakota Gregory of Newcastle finished 8.1 on vault (8th, tie), 8.4 on bars (5th), 8.525 on beam (8th), 8.2 on floor (8th) and sixth all-around at 33.225.

Chloe Achorn of Damariscotta finished 8.3 on vault (6th, tie), 6.3 on bars (10th), 8.05 on beam (10th), 8.1 on floor (9th) and ninth all-around at 30.75.

Level 5 — Maddy Russ of Damariscotta finished 9.25 on vault (1st), 9.1 on bars (3rd), 9.4 on beam (2nd), 9.525 on floor (first), and second all-around at 37.275.

Reed Gulden of Walpole finished 8.55 on vault (7th), 8.7 on bars (4th), 8.75 on beam (7th), 8.85 on floor (6th) and sixth all-around at 34.85.

Level 6 — Emma Hall of Damariscotta finished 8.9 on vault (4th), 9.125 on bars (1st), 8.575 on beam (7th), 9.15 on floor (3rd) and fourth all-around at 35.750.

Katie Colomb of Alna finished 8.375 on vault (6th), 7.95 on bars (7th), 8.8 on beam (3rd), 9.05 on floor (2nd, tied) and fifth all-around at 34.175.

From left, Reed Gulden , Sarah Goldrup, Kadence Rogers and Maddy Russ with their trophies and medals after the state meet. (Courtesy of: Liz Hall)
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Posted by: paula sutton | Apr 10, 2014 06:27

Gymnastics is such a great sport.  Congratulations to these young ladies!

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