City plans bathroom for Breakwater park

By Stephen Betts | Jul 11, 2017
Photo by: Stephen Betts

Rockland — The Rockland City Council voted Monday evening to move ahead with a public bathroom for people walking the Rockland Breakwater.

The council voted 4-0 at its July 10 meeting to accept an anonymous donation of $50,000 for the construction of at least one restroom.

The council also pledged to have the city match the donation from funding sources to be determined, through public reserve funds and/or additional private donations, and to cover such other costs as may be necessary to complete the project.

Joan Wright, who serves on both the Parks Commission and Harbor Trail Committee, told councilors that the best place for the concrete-built bathroom would be by the gate along the fence that separates Sis Marie Reed Park from the Samoset Resort property.

Councilor Adam Ackor said the current situation of no public bathroom was an abomination.

Supporters pointed out that people will urinate in between cars parked along the Samoset Road because of the lack of a bathroom.

The Rockland Breakwater, a line of granite blocks stretching eight-tenths of a mile leading to a historic lighthouse, is the top tourist attraction in the city.

Councilor Ed Glaser said he supported a public bathroom, but questioned whether one was sufficient.

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Posted by: Donna Culbertson | Jul 16, 2017 18:41

How about paving the roads....they are all a piece of shit !!!!



Posted by: David E Myslabodski | Jul 12, 2017 19:19

Hi there MKM,


The issue is not a restroom: go ahead by my guest. Discuss the issue and give it its proper priority.


But having to pay $90,000 for a toilet is not reasonable. You can go online and for much less money you can buy "ready-built" ADA compliant public restrooms.


A second issue is council's disregard for public works priorities in the whole of Rockland. So now, people show up at city hall with money and council extends the red carpet . . . .  Money talks and council walks . . .


Only in Rockland you will see that it is The People that are forced to subsidize [$30,000 a year] The Poor Hungry Children of Main Street Inc. In other communities, you will see that money flows the other way. Reverse Robin Hood anyone?

Posted by: Dale Hayward | Jul 12, 2017 17:41

Steve: I am truly sorry you did not get on the council, but, then again, you would have to vote with the majority in order to maintain civility as one member told me about the yard sale ordinance. Oh well, free $50 plus the city will match another $50 and off we go to the races. You suggestion is spot on but will be ignored. So sorry, they could not wait for the new City Manager to take office so that we might have gotten some logic to this. Who knows. Rocklandia is a mess and now for outrageous dollars spent, like the mountain on the landfill, and off we go. Business as usual. Inept, and illogical.

Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Jul 12, 2017 11:35

As a person who enjoys walking the breakwater, yet has problems that a lot of seniors have, I say: HIP-HIP HURRAY!!
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Posted by: Nina Reed | Jul 12, 2017 10:13

the bathrooms will be vandalized like the benches on main st. and picnic tables at southend beach. who is suppoed to clean them? patricia williams

Posted by: Mary Kate Moody | Jul 12, 2017 09:26

How about getting past the snarky remarks of 1%ers and gazillionaires, and address the true logistics of literally thousands of people using Marie Reed Park, walking two miles and then no bathroom facilities.  I work locally, and daily watch people squatting between cars, and it is not only urination.  This is a true need and it is about time it gets addressed.


Posted by: Stephen K Carroll | Jul 12, 2017 08:44

At many state parks and remote locations a holding tank is installed and an outhouse built  over the top. This creates an inexpensive solution to the issue of no bathroom. This could be done for less than $50,000 and no taxpayer expense.  Also since this is only a summer issue why not porta potties ?  Or do we just want to  find more ways to spend taxpayer funds

Posted by: David E Myslabodski | Jul 12, 2017 02:32



So first council accepts a "free" bridge and now there are no more free donations. Now city council is passing the buck to the taxpayers.

If some local gazillioner has an itch in his/her pocket what about a direct donation to the food pantry?

Nah, a donation to benefit the locals in need??? That would be real news in Rockland!

Nice to see council extending the red carpet to the 1% . . . . .


Limits on yard sales, no one allowed to live in a camper . . .

The infrastructure going down while the taxes keep going up . . .

Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Jul 11, 2017 16:13

This seems like a very good suggestion, BUT, the area has residents along the road and when night comes, seems like a good shot for the homeless to camp. I think the remoteness is typical Maine and to change it for tourist bathrooms seems a waste of local monies. Leave this picturesque cove alone. Natives enjoy the view too.

Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. | Jul 11, 2017 15:50

Good comment John.  That would have taken some foresight and we know that is missing.

Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. | Jul 11, 2017 15:47

How much comes off my property tax bill from all these tourists so loved by the City councillors?

Posted by: Gayle Murphy | Jul 11, 2017 15:45

If the city of Rockland would have allowed the Samoset Resort to build the boathouse, marina, and restaurant facility in this very spot over 5 years ago, they'd be collecting tax dollars on it, instead of spending tax dollars.


John Murphy

Posted by: Dale Hayward | Jul 11, 2017 14:17

Add two or three because at $50,000 each we are on our way to solving an abomination, heaven forbid this has been overlooked by public works, the police department and city manager, opps, all this done without a city manager, all my the council. Guess we know who runs this city.

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