UPDATED: City Council to appoint acting manager, set agenda

By Daniel Dunkle | Jan 03, 2014
Source: File photo Rockland Finance Director Thomas Luttrell

Rockland — The City Council will meet 6:30 p.m., Monday, Jan. 6 at City Hall to vote on whether to appoint Finance Director Tom Luttrell as acting city manager and set the agenda for the Jan. 13 council meeting.

Luttrell was appointed temporary city manager following the resignation of James Smith from that position. He was appointed to serve in that capacity until Jan. 18.

Mayor Larry Pritchett said Friday, Jan. 3, the council is weighing options on how to proceed with hiring a new city manager. One option is to move ahead quickly and advertise the position, or the council may focus on other projects that are before it and cycle back to the hiring process at a later date. He said he believes the council is likely to put off advertising the position for at least a month or two.

He noted the last two city managers stayed about 20 months each, and the council wants to spend some time in conversation about how to make it more likely the next one will stay longer.

Among the projects the council will focus on in the near term is the next city budget, he said.

The following is the proposed order for appointing a manager:

ORDER Appointing Acting City Manager

WHEREAS, the City Council has accepted the resignation of City Manager James L. Smith and his resignation becomes effective January 18, 2014; and

WHEREAS, on December 23, 2013, pursuant to Article 3 Section 303(a) of the City Charter, the City Council confirmed the designation of Finance Director Thomas J. Luttrell as Temporary City Manager for the time period from December 24, 2013, through January 18, 2014; and

WHEREAS, pursuant to Article 3 Section 303(b) of the City Charter, the City Council appoints an Acting City Manager to serve when the position of City Manager becomes vacant; and

WHEREAS, the City Council wishes to act promptly in a manner that provides for a clear transition in City leadership; and

WHEREAS, the City Council on December 23, 2013, interviewed potential candidates to serve in the role of Acting City Manager; and

WHEREAS, there are clear benefits to the City both in terms of costs and in terms of familiarity with ongoing programs and projects in the City to have the Acting City Manager come from among the ranks of the City’s Department Heads; and

WHEREAS, Finance Director Luttrell very competently and capably served in the role of Acting City Manager for six months in late 2011 and early 2012,


THAT, Finance Director Thomas J. Luttrell is appointed Acting City Manager effective January 19, 2014, and shall serve until another City Manager is selected; and

THAT, pursuant to Article 3 Section 303(b) of the City Charter, as Acting City Manager Mr. Luttrell shall have all of the duties and authority of the City Manager as detailed in Rockland’s Charter and Ordinances; and

THAT, Mr. Luttrell shall receive the salary and travel stipend of the outgoing City Manager, while retaining the other benefits he now receives as Finance Director, for the period that Mr. Luttrell serves as Acting City Manager.

Sponsor: City Council

Originator: Mayor Pritchett

The following items are proposed as agenda items for the Jan. 13 meeting.

ITEMS FOR 01/13/14 REGULAR MEETING AGENDA: January 6, 2014

Communications: None

Licenses and Permits:

a. Liquor & Entertainment Licenses – Park Street Grille

b. Liquor & Entertainment Licenses – Suzuki’s Sushi

c. Liquor & Amusement Device Licenses – Pizza Hut

d. Liquor License – 3 Crow

e. License to Operate a Taxi Company – Reed’s Taxi (1 taxicab)


# 1 Accepting Donations

# 2 Appointments – Boards, Commissions and Committees (To Be Drafted)

Ordinances in Final Reading and Public Hearing: None

Ordinances in First Reading:

#23 Bond Ordinance – Public Works Garage (Postponed from 08/26/13)

# 1 Ch. 19, Sec. 19-303 Flag Lots, Minimum Width

# 2 Ch. 17, Sec. 17-801, Schedule I Parking Prohibited; White Street

# 3 Authorizing Release Deed – Clarifying Sea View Cemetery Boundary


#28 Declaration of Official Intent – Bond Ordinance (Postponed from 08/26/13)

# 2 Accepting Grant Funds – Police Department (2014 Drive Sober Program)

# 3 Accepting Grant Funds – Emergency Management Grant

# 4 Accepting Economic Development Committee Report – Camden Street

# 5 Accepting Report of Harbor Management Commission – Sea Scout Building

# 6 Authorizing Grant Application – “Our Town” Grant

Comments (2)
Posted by: Alan Heal | Jan 04, 2014 18:36

Maybe it s time to look at local talent.Some times the best answer might be make temporary into the permanent postion. Maybe  Tom is not interested but it should be looked as a possile solution. certainly somebody from here is more apt to stick around longer.Just a Thought. 

Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Jan 04, 2014 16:07

Acting City Manager Luttrell and the council are going to have their hands full over the coming months. Hopefully they will get our support and understanding as diffixult decisions need to be made that will effect all who call Rockland their home.

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