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Grace Bible Fellowship
Sherer lane Rockland, Maine
Richard McKusic
Aug 13, 2014
6:00 AM
Tai Chai Chuan

Never forget this breakfast is open to all and; except for a donation to pay for food, is FREE.
If you have never met Rockland Congregatonal church's Seth, Kate or RJ Jones you are in for a treat at our next Community Breakfast on Wednesday August 13th. at 6AM. Not sure if they will all be there or not, but they have all been invited. They say, "If you want to know about a man, ask his wife." and that's what I did this morning. They are all such fine people. Not sure if Pastor Seth will be wearing his martial arts uniform or not. He will be teaching a Tai Chi Chuan class shortly after leaving us. Am sure that his faith journey will be something none of us will forget. Did find out this: He received God's call when he was sixteen and went to seminary twice. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the story.