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Chubbuck returns to victory lane at Wiscasset Speedway

By Lisa Maguire | Jun 21, 2013

Wiscasset — The heat was on Saturday night, June 15 at Wiscasset Speedway. It was perfect racing weather. The grandstands were filled with fans. The drivers were ready to race. A pair of popular drivers returned to the track and found themselves in victory lane for the first time in years.

First on the schedule was a 25-lap New England 4-Cylinder Pro Stock feature. Despite two early-race cautions, Dave Patten remained the race leader. Kevin Sherman moved from fifth in starting position to third by lap seven. Race leaders remained the same, with Dave Patten in the lead, Jeff Prindall second and Sherman in third until lap 20.

On lap 20, Sherman, proving to be a force on the track, pulled ahead for second on the back stretch. Then, in lap 22, Dave Patten lost it and a caution was thrown. Sherman moved to first. Bob Patten moved to third. On the restart Sherman and Prindall raced hard for first, but Sherman pulled ahead. In lap 23, Swett spun on the track, collecting Bob Patten. Yet another caution in lap 24, when a jumble on turn two, brought Bob Patten, Swett and Travis Dunbar to the back of the pack.

The race ended under caution with Sherman taking first. “It’s not about the best looking car out there, or the most money. It’s about having fun. If you’re not having fun, it ain’t worth it,” Sherman said.

Prindall took second, with his season’s best finish. Craig Dunn was third.

The Super Stock Class took to the race track in a 25-lap feature. Josh Bailey started in the pole position. Dan Nesmith and Adam Chadbourne were close behind Bailey. Early on Nesmith dropped to the back which allowed Bobby Mesimer to take third.

Bailey and Chadbourne battled for first. During lap three, Chadbourne pulled ahead of Bailey on turn two. Lap six saw Bailey move to third when Mesimer passed on the outside on turn one for second. Despite a late-race caution, race leaders remained the same and ended with Chadbourne in first, Mesimer second and Bailey third. Chadbourne failed post-race inspection after the conclusion of the race. That brought Nesmith to third, Bailey to second and Mesimer took his first win of the season.

In a straight forward race, the Thunder 4s 15-lap feature sped by quickly. Mike Delaney took the pole. Behind him were Nate Martin and Adam Armstrong. Martin dropped to third during lap 10. He went sideways on the track, which caused a caution, and was sent to the back of the pack. This brought Cody Tribbett to third. The race leaders remained the same until the conclusion of the race. Delaney took first and Armstrong second. Rounding out the top three was Tribbett.

The highlighted feature of the week was a 40-lap Pro Stock race. Leading the race was Chris Thorne. Kevin Douglass and Scott Chubbuck were hot on his heels. Chubbuck had returned to Wiscasset Speedway after a 10-year break. Spectators would not have known Chubbuck had taken a hiatus. He looked for an opportunity to pass Douglass and found it in lap four when he passed on the inside on the backstretch for second.

A determined Chubbuck raced hard for first. Thorne held him off until lap 10, when after an exciting race for first, Chubbuck passed him on the outside on the backstretch. By lap 17, Thorne dropped back to fourth and Casey Nash took third.

Lap 20 saw Thorne fight back and take third back from Nash. Chubbuck gained a commanding lead. Thorne had Douglass in his sight. In lap 24, Thorne pulled ahead and passed Douglass on the inside of turn four for second. Douglass lost his momentum, and lap 29 saw Douglass drop back to fourth when Nash retook third. The running order stayed the same until the end of the race.

Five-time previous Wiscasset Pro Stock champ, Scott Chubbuck, took first. “It is good to be back here in Wiscasset," Chubbuck said after the race. Thorne took second and Nash third.

“We have been messing with the car, trying to get it dialed in, but we are not there yet," Thorne said before the race.

The flex race of the week was a 100-lap Enduro feature. Early race leaders were Jeff Lowe and Kevin Sherman. Lowe nipped at Sherman’s heels until lap 75, when he was black flagged for an issue with his right front tire. This took Lowe out of contention, and Sherman sailed to the checkered flag for the win. Coming in second was Ron Whitcomb.

Results from June 15 racing included:

New England 4-cylinder Pro Stock (25 laps) — 1, Kevin Sherman, Wiscasset; 2, Jeff Prindall, Lisbon Falls; 3, Craig Dunn, town unavailable; 4, David Patten, Windham; 5, Mike Swett, Farmingdale; and 6, Bob Patten, Windham. Did not finish: Travis Dunbar, Lisbon; Nathan McWilliams, Lewiston; and Dayl Kaukback.

Super Stock (25 laps) — 1, Bobby Mesimer, Woolwich; 2, Josh Bailey, Wiscasset; 3, Dan Nessmith, Wiscasset; 4, James Osmond, Wiscasset; and 5, Adam Chadbourne, Woolwich.

Thunder 4s (15 laps) — 1, Mike Delaney, Richmond; 2, Adam Armstrong, Bath; 3, Cody Tribbett, Richmond; 4, Ed Smith, Auburn; and 5, Nate Martin, Richmond.

Pro Stock (40 laps) — 1, Scott Chubbuck, Bowdoin; 2, Chris Thorne, Sidney; 3, Casey Nash, Richmond; 4, Kevin Douglass, Sidney; 5, John Rideout, Washington; 6, James Osmond, Wiscasset; 7, Joe Turner, Norway; and 8, Gene Green, Manchester.

Enduro (100 laps) — 1, Kevin Sherman, Wiscasset; 2, Ron Whitcomb, Pittston; 3, Dean Hayward Jr., Gray; 4, Mike St. Germain, Auburn; 5, Jeff Lowe, Minot; 6, Barry Wright, Chelsea; 7, Simon Yorks, Chelsea; and Randy Macomber, West Gardiner.

Lisa Maguire writes weekly updates on Wiscasset Speedway.

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