CHRHS unveils new four-year strategic plan

By Louis Bettcher | Sep 05, 2017
Source: File photo Aerial view of Camden Hills Regional High School.

Rockport — A new strategic plan has been created to promote educational success at Camden Hills Regional High School through 2021.

The last strategic plan for the school and the Five Town CSD was developed in 2003, three years after the new facility opened its doors at Keelson Drive in Rockport.

A committee composed of faculty, parents, School Board members and students developed the new strategic plan during the 2016-2017 school year, and worked to update the school's mission statement, core values and commitments to students.

After collecting input from students and teachers, the committee  established performance goals it hopes to meet by the end of a freshman student's four-year tenure at CHRHS, in 2021.

The mission of the plan is to create a "learning community that fosters intellectual and creative excellence while building strong character." The acronym "PRIDE" represents the school's newly-adopted core values: personal responsibility, respect, integrity, drive and empathy. The plan highlights three strategic goals in the areas of teaching and learning, school culture and resource management.

The teaching and learning goals aim for meaningful curriculum and engaging instruction: "As the world changes rapidly, it is important that students have strong foundational skills, know how to think critically, take initiative and are creative and independent," the plan states. It goes on to say that this rationale could lead to improved proficiency in reading and math, as well as closing a performance gap between economically disadvantaged students and the rest of the student body.

The Strategic Planning Committee seeks to support the development of strong personal character in a healthy and safe environment, while fostering a sense of belonging and reducing drug and alcohol use among students. The plan suggests this goal could be achieved by expanding internship opportunities, providing additional non-academic activities and creating a new student governance structure.

The plan aims to be fiscally and environmentally responsible in managing  resources by developing and implementing a five-year master plan for programming, facilities, technology and transportation that is reviewed each year as the financial landscape changes.

A grid of performance goals in the packet measures the percentage of student who met Maine High School Assessment proficiencies, had made post-secondary plans and agreed with statements about their stress and contentment at CHRHS at the end of the 2016-2017 fiscal year. The 2017 baseline percentages are arranged beside target goals for 2021.

According to the chart, 80 percent of 11th-grade students in the 2016-2017 academic year met or exceeded the MHSA reading proficiency and 55 percent met or exceeded the math proficiency. The committee hopes to raise these percentages to 85 and 70 percent, respectively, by 2021.

Last year 88 percent of seniors at CHRHS graduated with post-secondary plans, and this is expected to increase to 100 percent by 2021. Approximately 27 percent of the entire student body agreed with the statement "my level of stress is well balanced" last year. The goal is to raise that to 50 percent by the end of the next four years. Seventy-four percent of students agreed that their school was a welcoming and friendly place, and the committee hopes this will rise to 100 percent by 2021.

Approximately 690 students attend Camden Hills Regional High School. The school's website states that students routinely score in the top 10 percent of schools in the state in standardized testing, and that the high school has a graduation rate of more than 90 percent.

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