China’s responsibility for COVID-19 by accident or by design

By By Jan Dolcater | May 14, 2020

The year 2020 has been devastating to many countries across the world, particularly our own. There is a critical question that must have an accurate answer soon and it depends on the honesty and truthfulness of the Chinese Communist Party.

It is indisputable that the coronavirus began In Wuhan, China. It began in December and was originally described as a mysterious type of pneumonia that allegedly originated in a “wet market.” In January the CCP identified the virus but proclaimed it was not transmissible. This was echoed by the World Health Organization. Wuhan, a city of 11 million, experienced a complete quarantine. In spite of this situation, flights to all parts of the world were permitted to proceed normally to Europe, the United States and many other areas while at the same time no flights were permitted to other destinations in China. Why?

Have you considered that the CCP’s utilizing some sort of worldwide problem of this nature would be in their best interest? Before you depart too far from this thought, please focus on the reality that our number one adversary today is Communist China and no one else. China is the only nation on earth that has the economic muscle and ability to challenge our resources and capabilities both militarily and economically. The leaders of Communist China have plainly stated their plan is to be the most dominant nation in the world and to achieve that at the earliest time possible. Under current circumstances, they do not have the military prowess to overtake us today. However, never forget the leadership in Communist China operates on one basis and that is power, control and all else be damned.

Many of our major pharmaceutical companies have abdicated their productive capabilities and become dependent on China. The coronavirus outbreak has exposed the United States’ dangerous dependence on China for pharmaceutical and medical supplies, including an estimated 97% of all antibiotics and 80% of the active ingredients needed to produce drugs in the United States ( It is imperative that our pharmaceutical drug companies stop this reliance and bring this manufacturing base home and do this with dispatch.

Our national quarantine has shut down our economy like nothing ever encountered previously. This is demonstrably true of small business, the backbone of our economy. This will create an untold number of bankruptcies in small businesses and in well-known large companies as well. This part of the domino reaction has not occurred yet because of the federal government’s $3 trillion rescue program. All businesses must soon function on their own or economic collapse will be upon us. Obviously, their openings should be accomplished in as safe a manner as possible with guidance from health care leadership.

Our country has over 1.25 million cases of the virus with 73,211 deaths, compared to the alleged numbers from China of 83,883 cases with 4,633 deaths. Do you really believe their reporting is accurate? They claim since April 4 for the next 32 days that they have zero new cases of coronavirus per Xinhual2020 05-06-og: 39:35 (Chinese News). These claims do not pass the smell test of reality. Additionally, Wuhan is now open for business and Disney World in Shanghai is again open. Does this add up to you?

While most nations have been preoccupied with effects and problems created by this virus pandemic, the Communist Chinese have made every effort to extend their influence in other Asiatic nations. Without question they have attempted to bully other countries as they perceive that our naval forces are limited because of virus infections. At the same time, the Communist Chinese claim that none of their military have had any infection of this at all. Obviously, this is nothing more than another bald-faced lie.

Our president and Secretary of State Pompeo believe this plague emanated from the Virology Laboratory in Wuhan and have not been reluctant to ask strongly for the CCP to accept responsibility for this problem. However, at this juncture, the Communist Chinese have come forward with an aggressive disinformation campaign against us and have insinuated that they could cut off or decrease the pharmaceutical necessities for our use. Another veiled threat also circulated that they were preparing their military for possible armed conflict with the United States.

I believe that what the Communist Chinese could not achieve militarily, they have done in a ruthless inhumane manner. I hope in the days to come as this virus begins to wane, that the civilized nations come together and demand recognition and responsibility for this pandemic and the deceitful manner that Chinese Communist Party has utilized.

Another View is a Maine Press Association award-winning column written by Midcoast conservative citizens/writers Jan Dolcater, Ken Frederic, Paul Ackerman, Doc Wallace and Dale Landrith Sr.

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Comments (18)
Posted by: Ralph Stanley | May 19, 2020 18:43

Richard McKusic. Camden Snow Bowl/Ragged Mountain were as you know totally responsible for the degradation/runoff off of the slopes into Hosmer Pond. It was not hard to determine the cause and the immediate effect to the surrounding environment. Camden was totally remiss in its oversight given its ownership of the Snow Bowl. There should have been a separate entity overseeing this project as it should not have nor ever should have been within the realm of the code enforcement staff of the town itself. Town also was completely slack in its control of the development of the middle school project. Reason it seems at that point, was for the town to take action and deal with responsibility later. Not much choice. Would seem ineffective at the time to lay blame and wait for that outcome. Camden was responsible and they knew it. I spoke often about their poor choices on these projects. A no brainer for Camden not to have been on top of this thing from the get go.

Wuhan is a Camden times whatever number you wish to apply. No one died in Camden save some frogs and fish and and endless algae bloom that will continue to plague the pond for years to come. Camden relegated this pond to snow making status long ago. Won't admit it , but they don't give squat about the water quality of the pond.

Get your point about blame. Obviously a no brainer about severity. A Camden Snow Bowl on steroids.



Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | May 19, 2020 10:14

Wow, Jan. Want to see something encouraging in all of this morass might want to watch this dialogue that was on last night between two friends; the head of NIH and  a popular author and theologian. It would be difficult for me to understand how anyone could watch this and not come away feeling better.

Posted by: JUNE DOLCATER | May 18, 2020 21:50

To each of the liberals who have expressed their thoughts,

I have watched with interest the rhetoric that has been expressed, but I fail to comprehend that all of these individuals fail to relate to the following facts. !) the virus began in late December but it was expressed as not significant, 2) in January thru the World Health Organization that put forward the misinformation that the virus was not transmissible 3) After that announcement  flights were allowed in droves to Europe, Italy in particular, the United States and other countries while no flights were allowed to other points in China, 4) some of the individuals at the Virology Institute that were involved suddenly disappeared and were no longer seen or available 5) our medical people or our news personnel were prohibited from any access to Wuhan. 6) the Communist Chinese government was not transparent in the least. Couple all of these factors together and all it adds up to the Communist Chinese had something of major significance to hide. Never forget  the Communist Chinese are our adversaries and not our friends. Secondly, the only element they respect is power  Appeasement never yields positive results when dealing with a bully. If we do not exert our strength with resolve our nation will be in for a disaster. Peace is gained through our strength not weakness. Perhaps some of the elements of the left are so absorbed with their hatred of Trump, it has blinded them from the realities that we must deal, if we intend to be the land of the free.It is essential that we couple our efforts with other nations to hold these thugs accountable.

Jan Dolcater Rockland  .

Posted by: Gayle Murphy | May 17, 2020 18:03

Well you would think so, wouldn’t you Richard and Kevin?  But we wouldn’t want to “besmirch” the good name of the China Communist Party after all. They’re such role models throughout the world. And their “cooperation” with the WHO and other world nations is certainly commendable (sarcasm). Kevin, I highly recommend their Bat Soup. I hear that it’s “killer”. And maybe they’re working on some Squirrel Stew for you as well?


Meanwhile, Team USA is still in the lead 4-3.



Posted by: Kevin Riley | May 17, 2020 17:05

Sorry Gayle, with that you confirm not only lack of comprehension but a marked unwillingness to face reality.
Pointing out the real world does not make one a "China cheerleader"

No one here is cheering for China, no one. That's all in your mind.

Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | May 17, 2020 16:38

Come on now. We are all on the same team. The solution depends on us all working together.  A few years ago Camden had a serious problem with erosion at the Snow Bowl.  They lived in the solution and said there would be plenty of time after it was taken care of to worry about who was to blame.  That was setting a fine example. AND IT WORKED!! 

And, believe it or not, it can be FUN!! :)

Posted by: Gayle Murphy | May 17, 2020 16:00

Sorry Kevin, you’re already counted in the China Cheerleader score. Your effort to tie it up at 4 won’t work. Team USA remains in the lead.



Posted by: Kevin Riley | May 17, 2020 15:43

"China Cheerleaders- 3
Team USA - 4"

Complete misunderstanding and interpretation of the conversation going on.
NO ONE is a China Cheerleader here.
It's just that there are those that live in the real world, with real data, real science and facts rather than in trumps imaginary world were he is never wrong and is doing a fantastic job. Imaginary world.

Posted by: Gayle Murphy | May 17, 2020 10:35

For those trying to keep score:


China Cheerleaders- 3

Team USA - 4



Posted by: John Alden Shepard | May 17, 2020 08:15

In the earlier reference to "our country being the recipient of this outside scourge", I think Mr. Wallace is forgetting, or perhaps doesn't know that virtually every nation on earth has also received this outside scourge. We are not that special, "Doc."

Nor are "the left" and the mainstream media using this as an opportunity to attack our president for political advantage as claimed. They are simply reporting our president's statements, exagerations and wild claims as recorded. This evidence of consistent incompetence should be more than enough to defeat potus in the upcoming election.

Posted by: Kevin Riley | May 16, 2020 21:12

"Trump and Pence and the Team have done a commendable job."

You sir are delusional. Either that or you are as psychopathic as trump. They have done NOTHING! They have done horrible  job and many have died that shouldn't have because of that. Many more are going to died because of there inept response. Trumps incoherent babbling, 100s of incoherent tweets, total science ignorance is killing Americans.

Of course the virus originated in China the is indisputable and I never imitated anything else. Please point out where you imagined I said it came from. Oh, Wait, You're putting words in my mouth I never said because you've got nothing.


It originated in Wuhan China. That is not up for debate.

It's this desire for it to be some nefarious plot by China that is insane.

It's a caronavirus that jumped species. It happens all the time.

So, what you're saying is you know better than all 16 agencies of the IC, the CDC, the SecDef, virtually every other country ON THE PLANET. Really? My god the unmitigated arrogance


I repeat,

With your logic we own the entire world reparations for the 1918 influenza pandemic because it started in Kansas, Ft Riley to be exact.

Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | May 16, 2020 16:59

How long before Maine breaks our relationship with Canada for sending us the black fly? Makes just about as much sense.

Posted by: RALPH WALLACE | May 16, 2020 16:12

Sober up and check your facts, Mr. Riley. Every data point here and in Europe names China as the source - the only question is specifically where in China, and was there related malfeasance. Incidentally from the perspective of someone who has been in the crisis hot seat, Trump and Pence and the Team have done a commendable job. Armchair quarterbacks don't win games - even with hindsight.

Posted by: Kevin Riley | May 16, 2020 12:57

"Our president and Secretary of State Pompeo believe this plague emanated from the Virology Laboratory"

Contrary to the entire Intelligence Community, all 16 agencies, the CDC, and SecDef have continuously reporter. The ICs, medical researchers and scientists around the world have stated the same.
The and president and Pompeo and trying to deflect. They pointing over there and yelling Squirrel to deflect from their own terrible decisions, lack of leadership and total failures with this pandemic. Thousands are dying and thousands more are going to die that didn't have to.
BTW "wet market" is the Chinese term for "Farmers Market"

With your logic we own the entire world reparations for the 1918 influenza pandemic because it started in Kansas, Ft Riley to be exact.


Posted by: RALPH WALLACE | May 15, 2020 10:11

I agree with the specificity of Rick Winslow's argument. Someone needs to "bell the cat" and Jan's column has done that. Intentional or not, it is crystal clear that the problem started in China. That doesn't mean declaring third world war. It means that our country was the recipient of this outside scourge. It also means that President Trump inherited the responsibility for leading us out of this challenge and getting us back to normal - and, sadly, it also means that the left and the mainstream media will use this "opportunity" to attack  the President in the attempt to win the next election.

Posted by: Rick Winslow | May 15, 2020 00:41

China does not have a good name. Never has. It's only been tolerable.

Now it's getting blamed on our President. I dare say he did not cause it, and had our country been in "inevitable disrepair" that Obama said we'd never get out of, it would have been much worse.

I had Biological Warfare training in the military and have been using what I learned to remain safe from day 1. Before we were told to cover our faces and watch what we touch. We're being told others coming into Maine in June will be "trusted" to self quarantine. Why would they? They have no stake in our state and will not be here in the winter when this virus may possibly return. I observe others shopping without masks, removing them to sniff produce, touching items with bare hands and removing the mask to scratch a face itch, etc. I'd like to spray some produce with Luminol then shine a UV light on people leaving the stores. I think some of them would glow brighter than the sun. It only takes 1 intrusion through the weakest point to become infected.

I believe, as do others that had this military Bio-Warfare training, that this virus was manufactured in a lab. We get the flu and a myriad of other diseases from the Chinese region. China is a Communist country. They want whatever is good for them and want you out of their way, by whatever means necessary. They have the USA by the testicles since a majority of essential manufacturing is done there. All due to greed over the years for manufacturers to make more at a lower cost and shipping US jobs overseas. They control what we get. It's also not always what you think it is.

I've bought dishes in local stores that have been marked "Microwave and Dishwasher safe. Made in China" Only to have these items NOT be microwave safe. My wife got badly burned on her hand once by a mug and I recently had a plate that got very hot. The plate leeched from the bottom and there were metallic hot spots that burst out of it. Wonder what other chemicals were released into the air...

Sure we can look at history, but we can also watch history being made in front of our eyes, and not realize it, until it's too late.


Posted by: John Alden Shepard | May 14, 2020 17:39

Major disease episodes often spawn conspiracy theories and the need to blame someone else, as the "concerned citizens" do so very well. If we study a bit of history, however unlikely I know that to be for writers of this article, we can find that the Jews were held responsible for the Black Plague pandemic of the 14th century in Europe. Hundreds of Jews were massacred in major European cities and 2,000 were burned alive in Strasbourg, France in 1349.

We probably should start thinking logically about this and not let the paranoid delusions of the "concerned citizens" and our President mislead us all in to a third world war with China.

Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | May 14, 2020 12:38

We need to be very wary when  our country tries to besmirch another's good name.  There is an underlying reason.  I smell a dead rat somewhere.

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