Chambers Jewelers reopens at a new location after four years away

By Rebekah Schade | Jun 06, 2018
Photo by: Rebekah Schade From left, Dan Chambers and his wife, Marquita, stand in front of their store's new location in Thomaston.

Dan and Marquita Chambers are happy to be back home in Maine after being gone for four years.

Dan Chambers, owner of Chambers Jewelers in Thomaston, recently moved back from Georgia and reopened his shop. He and his wife decided that Maine was home and there was nowhere they'd rather be.

The Chamberses sold their shop back in 2013, and moved down South around the area where Marquita is originally from. They moved in hopes of seeing her family more often, as well as starting a new business in a different area. After their move to Chickamauga, Ga., they opened up a shop. Unfortunately, the shop was not successful.

Chambers makes unique handmade jewelry, as well as doing jewelry repairs. Unlike the average chain jewelry store, Chambers will sit down and have a conversation with clients to make sure the special piece of jewelry is just right. Chambers' jewelry ranges from solid gold bracelets to dainty pearl earrings, and even earrings in the shape of a dog's paw print.

Marquita is an occupational therapist, and when the hospital where she worked closed down in Georgia, with no other hospitals in the area, they decided it was a good time to move back to Maine.

Chambers’ newly reopened store is located on Main Street in Thomaston right next to the post office. Although it’s the same business as before, Chambers says he is making new pieces every day and the designs are always changing, as jewelry- making is his passion.

In terms of the future of the shop, Chambers has a daughter who has followed in his footsteps. She graduated from the Gemological Institute of America, just like her dad, and is now a jeweler. Chambers said with a laugh, “I wish I could get her to come work for me, but I can’t afford her! Maybe someday she’ll take over the business, I’m hoping."

Chambers said he loves coming to work every day and creating new and unique pieces, and he is ecstatic to be back in Maine. He has great hopes for the future of his shop.

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Posted by: Patricia P Weaver | Jun 07, 2018 07:53

Welcome home, I still remember the generosity that you showed my husband when he was sick, and yes we payed it forward. You both are such caring people.

Posted by: PETER LAMMERT | Jun 06, 2018 10:58

Dan and Marquita. I was hoping that the town would have a grand re-opening ceremony for your business as many other new stores have had along Rt. 1. Congratulations for returning and bringing a wonderful products and service store back to Thomaston. May success follow your move across Rt 1to an anchor store on the North side of our business section

Warmest regards, the old safe mover

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