cat lovers, like me, unite. here are plans/ideas for a catio for an indoor cat. a problem solved!

By ananur forma | Sep 06, 2017
Photo by: Prem photo byAnanur


I am about to have one built for my cat who longs to be outside, but can't due to ticks and cars. I am so excited for my cat to soon have, "a catio." I have been researching this for quite awhile now. I asked at Loyal Biscuit if there are any catios in Rockland yet? She did not know of any. It's time has come for catios to be built in Rockland.
there are lots of ideas on the internet for cat’s outdoor palaces!
p.s. I just read what Shannon Kinney wrote about improving blog posts. So...I have to tell you that Prem would leap from the kitchen table onto this green chair that you see him comfortably  lounging on, and then... the chair would spin around in a circle! That always made me laugh so hard!!! Prem lived to be 17 years old. The cat I have now, Theo, looks just like Prem. He's lived with me for 8 months, and we are crazy about each other.
oh one more thought- a fire fighter told me to be careful not to block an outside vent from washer/dryer or from kitchen stove!
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Posted by: ananur forma | Sep 06, 2017 17:29

so glad to hear there are catios in Rockland . would love to see your catio.  also, I got a few emails with great photos of catios here in the area. thank you!!! We sure do love our feline buddies, just like dog lovers, love their buddies!

Posted by: Robin Gabe | Sep 06, 2017 13:06

Hi Ananur. I have a catio for one of my cats (of course, the other one doesn't deign to use it!). I live just up the street from you and will try to touch base with you when I'm out walking the dog. I'm the house with the anchor in the yard.

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