Carroll named Hometown Hero

Man of many hats
By Beth A. Birmingham | Jan 28, 2014
Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham Chief Deputy Tim Carroll is a man of many hats. He was recently named 92 Moose's Hometown Hero.

Rockland — Being Chief Deputy of Knox County Sheriff's Office, past president of the Maine Lobster Festival, a coach of many sports, a father and husband makes it hard for Tim Carroll to hide behind the scenes in the Midcoast area.

"For the man Tim is and all he has done and the way he treats the people around him, I would say he is my 'Hometown Hero' and a man I respect 150 percent," was just part of what friend Phil Arsenault said in his nomination of Carroll as 92 Moose radio station's Hometown Hero of the week recently.

"I have known Tim for a long time," said Arsenault of Thomaston, adding "I actually knew of him, before I got to meet him" in 2003. Arsenault and Carroll used to work together at Fuller's car dealership.

Carroll has been chief deputy of the Knox County Sheriff's Office for the past five of his 20-plus years in law enforcement. He followed in his father's footsteps. Born in Camden, he moved to Mount Desert Island when his father was named police chief of Southwest Harbor.

Carroll attended MDI schools and graduated from the University of Maine with a degree in law enforcement. His first official police position began in Rockland in 1991 — on the evening of his 21st birthday.

From there he worked on the Bar Harbor Police force for four years, then joined Maine Marine Patrol, serving in Stonington and eventually finished that nine-year detail after returning to Rockland.

In 2004, he began a new adventure in life after marrying Heidi Kolmosky and going to work in the family business at Fuller's as business manager. Despite enjoying the family connection, Carroll came to the realization over the course of the next four years that "I really enjoyed being a cop."

"I look forward to coming to work every day," said Carroll of the challenge law enforcement presents.

Carroll said in the next five to 10 years he aspires to move up in the ranks at the department.

"I have a great boss," said Carroll of Sheriff Donna Dennison, who is seeking re-election for a third term. "Things are going very well."

"When she is ready to step down, I will probably seek that position," said Carroll. "We'll see how it goes. I've got a very good position right here, and love working for and with her."

Carroll said one of the most rewarding events he has participated in is Wreaths Across America. This year was the fourth year the Knox County Sheriff's Office has been a part of the event.

He, along with 17 other area deputies, helped the more than 30,000 volunteers transport wreaths to Arlington National Cemetery. Maine wreath-maker and founder of Wreaths Across America, Morrill Worcester began delivering wreaths to Arlington in 1992 as a gift.

"We take our trailer of wreaths and place them at the Vietnam, Korean, World War II, and National Law Enforcement memorials," said Carroll. This year marked the largest number ever delivered — 540,000 remembrance wreaths were placed in honor of veterans at 908 locations.

Accompanied by his wife and 9-year-old son Jacob, Carroll hopes to get more sheriff departments from the area involved next year.

Carroll has been an integral part of the Maine Lobster Festival for the past 13 years. First overseeing the vendors for eight years, then being named festival president — a position he held for five years prior to retiring that hat after watching his daughter Casey participate as a sea princess last year.

"I joke with everyone I'm the only one that literally married into the Maine Lobster Festival because I married the legendary president's [Ed Kolmosky] daughter," he said.

At this point, Carroll said he will still be involved with the festival as a volunteer.

He agreed there are some things that need to be changed to improve the quality of life in Knox County, but said he believes "this is the greatest place — this is Maine."

He expressed concern over the lack of offerings for youths between adolescent and teenage years.

"We have some great programs, but we still need to do more for our youth," said Carroll.

"Investing in our kids does not necessarily mean monetarily," said Carroll. "A lot of times it is just spending time with them ... talking to them and probably more importantly, listening to them," he added.

Carroll said that is a main reason he enjoys coaching so much. "It allows that time to be spent productively."

"I was born here and I keep coming back here — this is where I'm supposed to be," he said.

As for what may be on his "bucket list," Carroll said he would like to see more of this country and go to Ireland to explore his family roots. "This country has a lot to offer," he said, adding "let alone what New England has."

"I had the pleasure of working with Tim for many years. Working with someone day in and day out you really get to know the real them. Tim is one of the fairest, most trusting people I have met, the type of guy that would drop what he is doing to help a stranger. He is such an easy person to respect because he gives nothing but respect to you!" was more of what Arsenault wrote about the his Hometown Hero.

Some of the other recognitions bestowed on Carroll are for Outstanding Bravery in Saving the life of Jennifer Knowlton on June 28, 1997 by the Waldo County Law Enforcement Association and awarded the Lifesaving Medal by the Bureau of Marine Patrol "for action above and beyond the call of duty in affecting the rescue and the saving of a life" and named Marine Patrol Officer of the Year in 2001.

"He is a character that everyone should aspire to be like," said Arsenault. "The world would be a better place."

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Posted by: Deborah A McKenney | Jan 28, 2017 15:03

Congratulations Tim.  Well deserved !

Posted by: Heidi Ruth Locke-Talbot | Jan 29, 2014 19:48

Thank you for all you do ! It was a pleasure having both Casey & Jacob in my Art Classes, wonderful kids:)

Posted by: Debra Damon | Jan 29, 2014 08:28

Congratulations Tim, you do a great job!


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Posted by: Russell Garfield York | Jan 28, 2014 16:40

keep up the good work mr carroll

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