Care about Penobscot Bay? Be a Kayaktivist!

By Ronald Huber | Jul 06, 2017


Do you love Maine's biggest bay?
Take part in Friends of Penobscot Bay's Summer Fall 2017 paddling initiatives.
Next bay event coming up Saturday (July 8th) afternoon  at the Rockland Breakwater Be there on the water  against global warming and  in oppo to the Trump gutting of EPA and other nature-protecting agencies.  More info  look up midcoast maine indivisible on facebook

* Join our on-the-water presence at shoreside  events  & demos around Penobscot Bay
* Collect water samples from the bay's plumes and above submerged outfalls.
* Gather sediment samples from suspect bayfloors
* Document the bay's shallow  underwater viewshed & habitats with towable videocams
* More!
Interested? Contact us today
Call or text phone 691-7485
Penobscot Bay needs YOU.


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