Captain's Log

Lincolnville Fire Department
Nov 29, 2017
Source: File photo

LINCOLNVILLE — The Lincolnville Fire Department reported the following activity between Sept. 19  and Nov. 11:

Sept. 19 — Improper things being burned on Heal Road. We showed up, put out the improper things and the Maine Forest Service handled it from there.

Sept. 25 Fire alarm on Osprey Circle.

Oct. 10 Vehicle accident on Searsmont Road. The vehicle hit a couple of trees and then veered across the road into the bushes. The driver was slightly injured and transported. The trees are bruised, but otherwise the trees did not complain.

Oct. 15 Tree in the wires on Youngtown Road. We came, we saw, we had dispatch call Central Maine Power Co., and we left.

Oct. 18 Fire alarm on Harbor Drive. Nothing exciting was going on there.

Brush fire at Lincolnville Beach. After a few of the guys wandered around for a bit; the very small remnants of a camp fire were extinguished.

Oct. 23 Mutual aid structure fire in Appleton. It was raining (hard) and it was windy (very). We tell you this because we know you care

Oct. 26 Traffic control redirecting southbound Route 1 traffic up Route 173. Camden had a serious vehicle accident that closed the road. After an hour or so, Camden sent a crew up to relieve us and they continued redirection for quite a while. A big thank-you to our trusty Route 1 travelers who took this in stride.

Oct. 28 Dryer/structure fire on Bayside Road in Northport. We showed up, put on air packs, lugged some tools around and generally looked good. It seems Northport, Belfast and Belmont had things well under control by the time we got there. As we say in the fire service, ”That was a good stop."

Oct. 30 The day started at 5:30 a.m. with a tree down on Route 1. And then there was a tree down at 7:03 a.m., 7:31 a.m., 7:37 a.m., 8:05 a.m., 8:36 a.m., well, you get the picture. We were opening the roads that we could and barricading those we couldn’t. It was a little crazy, but it went well. And Lincolnvillians got to practice their safe generator skills for a few days (or longer, for some).

Oct. 31 Tree in the wires on Camden Road. We arrived on scene and sure enough, there was a tree in the wires. CMP was called and we returned to watch some episodes of "Emergency."

Nov. 4 Fire alarm on Main Street. We were called off before we even left.

Nov. 5 Fire alarm on Townhouse Road.

Nov. 10 Car/deer accident on Route 1. The vehicle was damaged; we assume the deer was, too.

Nov. 11 Ambulance assist on Greenacre Road. It went well. Assisting is what we do.

Be careful, be safe and when in doubt call us out.

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Posted by: Donald Mills | Nov 30, 2017 09:39

Another classic! Nice balance of humour and details of the more serious events showing concern.

Very much appreciated by this reader.

Don Mills, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada (Your next door neighbour, looking over the fence)


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