Candidate-related letters to the editor

The following letters concerning political candidates arrived after the deadline for inclusion in the June 8 edition of the Herald Gazette.



Butler is knowledgeable, conscientious, involved

Bob Butler has been a very committed, active member of the Waldoboro Select Board for the past three years. Our town has benefited from his energy and vision.

When Bob first joined the Waldoboro Select Board, he worked to reduce the costs of town employee health insurance to the taxpayers, while retaining the benefits for the employees. When citizens wanted town oversight of the library, Bob was the one who sat in on the library board's meetings for a year to provide that oversight until another liaison was appointed. He is currently working with Lincoln County Health Care to bring a nursing home facility back to Waldoboro, which would provide jobs, and allow families to keep their elderly relatives close to home.

He has been actively looking for alternative uses for the A.D. Gray building to get it back on the tax rolls, with the hope the new occupant(s) will provide jobs. He is also working with Midcoast Internet Solutions on the wireless broadband project to provide better service coverage for Waldoboro citizens.

These are just a few of the projects he has undertaken. Bob is knowledgeable, conscientious, very involved and has a record of working hard for the town of Waldoboro.

Please vote for Bob Butler for Waldoboro selectman.

Cathrina Skov




Vote for Parker

We are writing to urge citizens of Rockport to vote for Geoffrey Parker for the Select Board of the town. Geoff has served the town in many roles including a previous term on the Select Board and recently the salary and benefits ad hoc committee. He is knowledgeable and thoughtful about the issues facing Rockport. At the recent candidates forum he stood out as someone who understood the issues and was able to articulate views that were sensible and practical. He was clear about why he wanted to serve the town and what he could offer. Given the current sometimes contentious nature of town politics, he appears to be able to address the real issues without recourse to personal attacks or hidden agendas. Rockport needs people like Geoff on the Select Board to resolve current issues and ensure civility.


Emily Lusher

Jon Bahrt

West Rockport




NO to Partisanship in Rockport elections

Bill Chapman and Geoff Parker could not be further apart in political ideology, yet both of them have my support for Rockport Select Board. Their previous community service shows them to be thoughtful, experienced, knowledgeable citizens capable of setting aside partisanship in consideration of all sides of any issue. Those are the leadership qualities I look for when casting my vote.

I am a registered Democrat who often votes Republican. I don’t agree with most of the platforms of the Tea Party, but I welcome the diversity of viewpoint in the political process toward a shared goal of fiscal responsibility.  But I do not support any sort of “scorched earth” approach to fiscal reform that will harm our schools, our infrastructure, our municipal services and the basic livelihoods of those who work for Town of Rockport.  I do not support a one-size-fits-all solution mirroring the lock-step, partisan financial platforms of the Maine Heritage Policy Center and the more extreme positions of the Maine Tea Party/Maine Refounders organizations. I do not support candidates whose minds are already made up on issues presented to them, should they be elected, regardless of the unique circumstances of our wonderful community.

Furthermore, I cannot support any candidate who runs for Rockport Select Board who has not bothered to follow closely the issues surrounding the disposition of the Elementary School site, nor has taken the time to read the Rockport Comprehensive Plan.


Terri Mackenzie