Can You Trust Your Auto Mechanic? I know I can!

By Catherine Cooper | Jan 22, 2013

If you've ever felt ripped-off by your car mechanic, you're hardly alone.

In a recent survey by AutoMD, a consumer information Web site on car repairs, 88 percent of car owners said they've felt ripped off at the repair shop.

I just saw a national television show about women who take their cars into a mechanic to fix a minor problem, only to be charged outrageous fees for non-existent or small issues.

A national news program went undercover to get the scoop. After placing hidden cameras at several dealerships, the show’s decoy was overcharged for service work.

When I first came to Maine to live and my car needed some repair, I went to a regional repair shop to get my car fixed. I had no one I knew here to get advice on who would be considered a trustworthy mechanic; one that wouldn't look for every little problem that may need fixing down the line but could be put off for a while so my budget could recover from the first repair.

Through a mechanic at that regional shop, who saw and felt my economic plight and concern, I was put in touch with Craig Gauthier, a local mechanic with lots of experience and an excellent reputation. He examined my car and told me what needed immediate attention and what could be put off for a few months. He quoted me a price I could handle and gave me a written guarantee. He picked up my car, dropped off a loaner when I told him I had no way to get to my job, repaired my car and a trusting professional relationship was born!

Call Craig at Ponderosa Motor Services (207) 542-1885 for a reliable mechanic you can count on,just as I have.

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