Camden Yacht Club and The Cruising Club of America are jointly sponsoring a serious“Safety for Cruising Couples” Seminar

Camden Yacht Club
68 Bayview Street, Camden
Douglas Bruce
May 27, 2018
7:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Photo by: Onne van der Wal Safety for Cruising Couples Photo of CCA members, A.J. and Toni Evans after taking the course.

Camden Yacht Club and The Cruising Club of America

Are jointly sponsoring a serious

“Safety for Cruising Couples” Seminar

Camden, Maine, March 1, 2018.

Camden Yacht Club announces a serious seminar on a serious subject for serious sailors – especially those who want to be better prepared to have fun on the water this summer by learning essential safety lessons from an experienced team of instructors. It will be held May 27, 2018, at Camden Yacht Club.

This time-tested seminar developed by the Cruising Club of America is open to the boating public and is intended for couples with varied skill and experience levels. Anyone who has not yet taken formal safety-at-sea training is welcome to attend, whether they sail or powerboat or are skipper or crew. This training might normally cost hundreds of dollars, but is being conducted as a public service by members of these two clubs. All you pay is $25 to cover their expenses which includes an instructional workbook. If you’d like to have a catered lunch of soup, salad, sandwich and beverage provided, add another $25 per person. Or BYO lunch.

Cabot and Heidi Lyman of Cushing, Maine, who’ve circumnavigated with young children aboard, have this to say about the importance of safety training, “Safety? Initially it’s about layout, planning, maintenance and overall preparedness. It’s also about each other’s expertise that we both depend on. The basic tenant is that each of us has to be able to get the boat home if needed.”

Topics covered in the all-day seminar include: Skipper/Crew Teamwork, Suddenly in Command, Essential Safety Gear, Systems Operations, Communications, Navigation, Medical, Onboard Emergencies and Man Overboard.

Instructors are all highly experienced Maine sailors and boaters, most likely people you already know or have read about. To view a short video about Safety for Cruising Couples, go to this link:


To learn more and register, go to this link:


Anyone seriously interested is encouraged to registered early as seating is limited to the first 50 people to sign up. Seriously!


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