Licia Morelli to be resident pyschic on 92 Moose Morning Show

Camden woman 'psyched' about new radio gig

By Dwight Collins | Apr 04, 2014
Courtesy of: Licia Morelli Camden resident Licia Morelli has joined the 92 Moose Morning Show as resident psychic, appearing twice a month during the morning drive. Pictured, from left, are Jon James, Licia Morelli, Mac Dixon and Renee Nelson of the Moose Morning Crew.

Camden — Having insight about your life’s journey can be extremely helpful when navigating through a sea of uncertainty and Clairvoyant Psychic and Intuitive Coach Licia Morelli will now be a beacon for radio listeners.

Morelli, of Camden, has been asked to become a regular fixture on the 92 Moose FM Morning Show and will be available twice a month to give listeners live readings over the air.

“I am so excited about the opportunity, I have had so much fun in the past on the air and the Moose Morning Crew is amazing and fun to work with,” Morelli said.

With only a listener's name, Morelli is able to see symbols and objects like a moving picture in her head and can relay that information to help her clients find direction and insight any aspect of life.

“I give them the tools to move forward in a fun, relaxing atmosphere,” she said. “They just need to understand that the reading is really a vessel for them to understand what lies ahead.”

She added, “I really do believe a reading should fit like a good pair of slippers.”

Readings can speed up or slow down as needed, she said. Although she has the ability to help guide her client's journey, she can not control the one thing that humans have over everything else – free will.

“I can tell them what I see and how it is going to affect them, but the one thing that is always a variable and is the great part of being human is free will,” she said.

Morelli is internationally-recognized as a clairvoyant psychic, intuitive coach and writer.

“I help my clients be successful and tell them things that will help them find the relationships and career that they want,” she said. “No turbans or crystal ball, no gloom and doom, just the answers to the questions designed to map out the route to success.”

Morelli said at an early age she began to develop and understand how to read peoples' energies and how it correlates to their emotional state.

These abilities drove Morelli to study Contemplative Psychology and other healing disciplines at Naropa University where she was able to hone her skills. During the past 10-plus years, Morelli has conducted readings for thousands on the phone and in person and she said their reactions sometimes are priceless.

“Doing the readings I often encounter quite a few pauses after they hear what I have to say,” Morelli said. “Usually followed by ‘how did you know that?’ and ‘but, you are so normal, how can you be a psychic?'”

Morelli is also currently writing a children book on mindfulness and meditation as well as a self-help book for creating success.

For more information about psychic readings or intuitive coaching, or to schedule a reading with Morelli go to

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