Camden woman files complaint against ex for abuse

By Juliette Laaka | Jun 20, 2014
Photo by: Knox County Jail Randy Smith is shown in an earlier mug shot taken for a domestic violence related crime.

Rockland — A Camden woman filed a civil complaint in Knox County Superior Court against an ex-partner who lied to her about being a friend of her late husband, physically assaulted her, and restrained her to a bed when she tried to leave him.

Judge Patricia Worth granted an attachment April 24 of $100,000 on the property of the defendant, Randy Smith, ruling the plaintiff is likely to recover money from him on counts of assault, battery, false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Smith, of Owls Head, rebuts the allegations and will testify they are false, according to court papers filed by his attorney Harold B. Stewart of Presque Isle. Smith also alleges the victim was the aggressor.

The victim now has a protection from abuse order on Smith, but he continues to contact her through text messages. The District Attorney has pending domestic violence assault and obstructing the report of a crime charges against him, said the complaint.

The victim's husband died in 2009 in an accident. Six months later, the defendant approached her at an art gallery and told her he had been a friend of her husband.

A long-term relationship then began between the victim and Smith.

Later on in the relationship, Smith told the victim he lied, and he never knew her late husband.

He began to visit the victim for long periods of time, staying while uninvited, and refusing to leave, said the complaint.

Smith admits he lied to the victim about knowing her husband, according to court documents.

When Smith convinced the victim to allow him to live with her in her Rockland home, he began to physically and mentally abuse the victim, said the complaint. When he was asked to leave, he would pretend to honor her request, but would later come back to the house and would be found hiding in the basement.

The victim said she did not call police about the abuse initially because she was embarrassed, said court papers.

Smith also took the victim's engagement ring from her late husband, demanding she wear a ring he gave her, said the complaint, and when she attempted to end the relationship, he threatened to stab her and whoever she dated.

Smith assaulted the victim several times, including punching her in the face with a closed fist and restraining her to the bed in a contorted fashion. As she struggled to escape, she suffered a back injury, said the complaint.

When she attempted to call police, Smith ripped the telephone wires out of the wall, said the complaint.

He also told the victim he stole Ambien with the intent to drug her while they were on vacation.

From the prolonged abuse at the hands of Smith, the victim has suffered severe emotional and physical injury, and has payed significant sums of money for medical treatment, said the complaint.

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