Camden tag sale to benefit new Haitian hospital

Oct 23, 2012

Camden — In the central plateau of Haiti Partners In Health is about to open the state of the art teaching hospital started two years ago. The new Mirebalais Hospital in Haiti is the designated recipient of the Ninth Annual Partners In Health Tag Sale. This year the group of volunteers seeks to raise funds to support the salary of one nurse midwife at Mirebalais by raising $4,000.

The “recycling” event, which turns donations into medicine, is planned for Saturday, Nov. 17 from 8 a.m. to noon at First Congregational Church in Camden.

Furniture, furnishings, antiques, art, books and curiosities have been donated to create a shopping experience. Donations that are in good condition and of interest to others are welcome to be dropped off at the congregational church function room on Friday, Nov. 16 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Clothing, exercise equipment, electronics and junk are not accepted. For pick up, or earlier donation, please contact Mary Amory at 446-3633 or

Organizer, Mary Amory, said in a news release, “Each year we help people in three ways: first we provide a great excuse to clean out your closets, attics, gift drawer and stashes; secondly, we provide a marketplace for great deals, recycling underused items to a new happy owner and thirdly we will generate enough funds in one morning to pay the salary of a Nurse Midwife for six months at the new hospital in Haiti — that is worth getting up for!”

To arrange to drop off or pick up prior to that date, contact Mary Amory at: or phone 446-3633.

In addition to the tag sale items, “Noteworthy” will again have handmade cards for sale. “Noteworthy” is a group of local artists who use their creativity to have fun and benefit Partners In Health. For the past four years they have been making cards and selling them at Zoot Coffee in Camden and at other locations. There will be hundreds of handmade cards as well as reproduced cards, a “do-it-yourself card kit, and gift tags. To learn more visit:

In the wake of the earthquake nearly two years ago there has been an extreme shortage of basic and advanced medical care in Haiti. The Central Hospital in Port au Prince saw significant damage and the entire nursing school and class of students was lost. Since then there has been massive migration to the central plateau of Haiti where Partners In Health has operated its clinic, Zanmi LaSante for more than 20 years. The demand for services has continued to grow, the rehabilitation needs are ongoing and the threat of diseases that flourish in poverty is a constant threat.

The new Mirebalais National Teaching Hospital was originally conceived as a small community hospital, however in response to the earthquake and a request from the Haitian Ministry of Health, the plan has been redesigned to be the country’s state of the art national public referral and teaching hospital. In addition to the 320 beds there will be three ambulatory units capable of serving more than 400 patients per day. First to open will be the maternal health section. Poverty, access, gender inequalities, information and lack of life saving obstetrical care accounts for the fact that Haiti has the highest infant and maternal mortality rates in the western hemisphere. By expanding the scope and breadth of women’s health services, Mirebalais Hospital exemplifies the PIH commitment to make world-class care available to poor and vulnerable Haitian women.

Partners In Health is a nonprofit international health organization which has three goals: to care for their patients, to alleviate the root causes of disease in their communities, and to share lessons learned around the world. Through their community based projects in Haiti, Peru, Russia, Rwanda, Lesotho, Malawi, Burundi and the United States and the sister programs in Mexico and Guatemala, they aim to serve those people who currently suffer from or may be subject to infection of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, high rates of maternal mortality, and lack of food, housing, or clean sources of water.

To learn more about the work of Partners In Health, please visit:

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Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Oct 23, 2012 12:48

Mary Armory, Great Job! I am so proud of the UCC Camden church with all of the misionary and local works on-going.


Mickey McKeever

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