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Camden Snow Bowl ski racers sizzle on slopes

Midcoast boys again kings of mountain
By Staff | Jan 23, 2014
Courtesy of: Steve Frampton Camden Snow Bowl middle school downhill ski racer Annika Charland.

Farmington — The Camden Snow Bowl middle school downhill ski racing squad experienced more success in its latest meet, this time on Saturday, Jan. 18 at Titcomb Mountain.

The boys team continued its strong early-season performance by beating seven schools. The win, which was half the score of the second-place team, showed the overall depth of the team, said coach Weber Roberts, as almost the entire squad finished among the top 25.

Aiden Roberts of Hope Elementary finished second and teammate Michael Frampton of Ashwood-Waldorf School third.

Caellen Roberts, also of Hope, was eighth and Sawyer King of Appleton Village School, in his first race of the season, 14th for a team score of 27 points. King had the fifth fastest time in his first run and "had a great recovery in the second run to finish in the scoring," said coach Roberts.

The team also had "excellent performances" from Cedar Andrus and newcomer Tommy Thelander, the coach said.

Farmington Area Ski Team finished second at 53, Auburn Middle School third at 75, Sugarloaf Area Ski Team 86, Spruce Mountain 108, Mount Vernon 115, School Administrative District 58 130 and Oxford Hills 165.

The individual combined times after two runs for the local boys were: 2, A. Roberts, 1:24.87; 3, Frampton, 1:26.38; 8, C. Roberts, 1:31.86; 14, King, 1:39.30; 15, C. Andrus, 1:40.44; 18, Thelander, 1:44.33; 23, Ethan Andrus, 1:51.73; 27, Max Moore, 1:55.84. Thomas McClellan and Simon Fedarko, both with fine performances, were disqualified for missing a gate, the coach said.

The Camden Snow Bowl girls team placed third "in a really tough field," the coach said. "On any given day, every team member can potentially be in the scoring. This is a really solid team that will give the top teams some stiff competition."

Jesi Mann of Rockport Elementary finished 11th in her first race of the season, Nadie King of Appleton Village School, also in her first race, finished 14th, while Brinley Harrison of Lincolnville Central School, in a solid showing, posted a 20th-place finish. Katherine Dailey of Camden-Rockport finished 21st to round out the scoring.

First went to Spruce Mountain with 23, followed by Farmington at 46 and Camden Snow Bowl 66, Mount Vernon 83, Auburn 115, Oxford Hills 127 and Sugarloaf Area Ski Team and SAD 58 no score.

The individual combined times after two runs for the local girls were: 11, Mann, 1:45.71; 14, N. King, 1:48.98; 20, Harrison, 2:00.02; 21, Dailey, 2:00.02; 28, Lindsey Reilly, 2:07.43; 29, Sophie Moore, 2:09.28; 30, Vika Santoro, 2:10.39; 31, Annabelle Williams, 2:10.49; and 35. Annika Charland, 2:18.64.

Hazel Delehey was in the top 25 in her first run and was disqualified for missing a gate in her second, the coach said.

Aidan Roberts. (Courtesy of: Steve Frampton)
Brinley Harrison. (Courtesy of: Steve Frampton)
Catherine Dailey. (Courtesy of: Steve Frampton)
Jesi Mann. (Courtesy of: Steve Frampton)
Lindsey Reilly. (Courtesy of: Steve Frampton)
Max Moore. (Courtesy of: Steve Frampton)
Michael Frampton. (Courtesy of: Steve Frampton)
Vika Santoro. (Courtesy of: Steve Frampton)
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