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Camden Snow Bowl ski racers earn top finishes at Lost Valley

Slalom and giant slalom races part of event
By Staff | Jan 31, 2014
Courtesy of: Steve Frampton Camden Snow Bowl middle school downhill ski racer Jesi Mann during a slalom and giant slalom event Jan. 25 at Lost Valley.

Auburn — The Camden Snow Bowl middle school downhill race team participated in its largest meet of the season on Saturday, Jan. 25 at Lost Valley Ski Area, as 160 competitors from 10 schools took part in slalom and giant slalom races.

The CSB girls finished second in the giant slalom and fourth in the slalom, while the CSB boys finished first in both the giant slalom and slalom, respectively.

Aidan Manahan earned a first-place finish in the giant slalom. Aiden Roberts also had two second-place finishes.

In addition to Manahan and Aiden Roberts, coach Weber Roberts said several snow athletes performed well on the day, including Vika Santoro, Katherine Dailey, Annika Charland and Brinley Harrison.

“Everyone on the team participates in the scoring, not just the top four,” the coach said. “The stronger the whole team does the more difficult it is for the later finishers on other teams to score, which helps out the overall cause. Camden Snow Bowl has been successful at these meets because we have a very deep roster that continues to improve each meet. Everyone this weekend gave it their all and posted terrific times.”

The boys team scores for slalom were: CSB 27, Sugarloaf 37, Maranacook of Readfield 82, Oxford Hills of South Paris 91, Farmington 118, Auburn 135, Mountain Valley of Rumford 136.5, Spruce Mountain of Jay/Livermore Falls 159, Scarborough 164 and Telstar of Bethel no score.

The individual CSB results for boys slalom (average of two runs) were: 2, Aiden Roberts, 43.33; 3, Aidan Manahan, 43.94; 10, Sawyer King, 47.47; 12, Cedar Andrus, 48.71; 13, Caellen Roberts, 48.96; 31, Max Moore, 1:03.39; 33, Ethan Andrus, 1:04.67; 36, Thomas McClellan, 1:07.53; 50, Simon Fedarko, 1:26.58; and 55, Tommy Thelander, 1:48.10.

The boys team scores for giant slalom were: CSB 30, Sugarloaf 44.5, Farmington 49, Auburn 86, Maranacook 116, Mountain Valley 126, Oxford Hills 138, Telstar 150, Spruce 172 and Scarborough 201.5.

The individual CSB results for boys giant slalom (average of two runs) were: 1, Aidan Manahan, 31.29; 2, Aiden Roberts, 31.60; 13, Michael Frampton, 33.60; 14, Cedar Andrus, 33.95; 17, Simon Fedarko, 34.91; 20, Caellen Roberts, 35.28; 29, Tommy Thelander, 36.58; 30, Ethan Andrus, 37.29; 36, Max Moore, 38.95; 42, Thomas McClellan, 40.70; and 54, Sawyer King, 46.36.

The girls team scores for slalom were: Spruce Mountain 28, Scarborough 48, Sugarloaf 54, CSB 77, Maranacook 82, Oxford Hills 124, Auburn 135, Mountain Valley 142, Farmington 188 and Telstar no score.

The individual CSB results for girls slalom (average of two runs) were: 15, Samantha Zwecker, 53.93; 17, Vika Santoro, 54.06; 22, Jesi Mann, 56.62; 23, Courtney King, 57.98; 26, Katherine Dailey, 59.32; 41, Hazel Delehey, 1:05.57; 43, Annabelle Williams, 1:06.08; 48, Brinley Harrison, 1:09.16; 52, Annika Charland, 1:10.78; and 57, Molly McClellan, 1:15.06.

The girls team scores for giant slalom were: Spruce Mountain 39, CSB 52.5, Scarborough 58, Sugarloaf 77, Auburn 84, Maranacook 92, Mountain Valley 139, Oxford Hills 143.5, Telstar 156 and Farmington 180.

The individual CSB results for girls giant slalom (average of two runs) were: 7, Samantha Zwecker, 34.37; 11, Jesi Mann, 34.71; 16, Vika Santoro, 35.68; 18, Katherine Dailey, 36.11; 22, Courtney King, 36.84; 41, Brinley Harrison, 41.41; and 42, Sophie Moore, 42.09.

Cedar Andrus. (Courtesy of: Steve Frampton)
Ethan Andrus. (Courtesy of: Steve Frampton)
Nadie King. (Courtesy of: Steve Frampton)
Sam Zwecker. (Courtesy of: Steve Frampton)
Sawyer King. (Courtesy of: Steve Frampton)
Sophie Moore. (Courtesy of: Steve Frampton)
Vika Santoro. (Courtesy of: Steve Frampton)
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