Camden Public Library talk on climate change

Climate Change, Heating Costs, and Maine
Jan 11, 2018
Paul Kando will speak on climate change at the Camden Public Library.

Camden — Paul Kando will speak at the Camden Public Library on Monday, Jan. 22, at 3:30 p.m. In this two-hour seminar, Paul Kando will first briefly explain the global climate mechanisms responsible for this weather anomaly, and why such anomalies may well end up to be the “new normal”. Then the focus will be on what we can do to address our future heating costs in our homes and businesses.

Kando said of climate change, "If we thought that climate change meant gradual warming of all locations across the planet, we’ve just been treated to a rude awakening: The eastern half of the United States just went through a severe and long-lasting cold spell, during which Florida registered temperatures colder than Alaska."

Paul Kando is a retired engineer, writer, and lecturer, with a focus on energy. He writes the weekly Energy Matters column for the Lincoln County News.

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